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While I am satisfied working in hospice and happy with my employer for the most part, there is some instability going on, and it may lead to changes in my position I'm not in favor of making.

A smaller hospital near me has posted a full time night shift position for a CNA in the postpartum unit. Can anyone who's worked in that role give me some ideas as to what the duties would be? Obviously vitals and personal care, tidying the unit and stocking supplies. But is there anything I might not be considering, basically only having experience with an elderly/middle age adult population?

One thing I wonder about is circumcision. I am extremely opposed this practice, and in my state the rate is very low, but some people still do it. I doubt I'd be directly involved, but I could be wrong.

I admit, part of me is like, "OMG you mean I could get paid to be around new babies all the time?! Squee....." Another part knows that changing jobs right now would mean putting off school, but I can't afford school without my employer's tuition assistance anyway, so if current job goes bye bye, it's moot. Then there's the hassles of changing insurance, etc, but anyway.... if anyone can offer their experience I'd appreciate it.


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You might not be allowed to touch the babies, only their mothers. At my hospital only the nurses touch the newborns.

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Most likely you will be helping with vitals, ambulating new C/S moms, bedding changes, stocking rooms. Our tech/NA also worked as a scrub tech for C/S and was an extra set of hands at vag deliveries (usually at the warmer , rather than with the mom).


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You might not be allowed to touch the babies, only their mothers. At my hospital only the nurses touch the newborns.

Wah! :p

Thanks for the input, both of you.

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I realize this post is rather old but I'm a nightshift CNA on a mother baby unit at a rather large hospital. As techs we float between secretary duties, tech duties and nursery tech. 
As techs on the floor our responsibilities are taking babies temps, doing babies first baths, we also weigh the babies every morning starting at 0500. 
Swaddling babies if parents need help. We set up all the new incoming admission's and make baby cribs. Restock the cabinets.

As tech in the nursery we are responsible for calling L&D and asking the parents who they have picked for a pediatrician. We are also responsible for calling and notifying any pediatricians of new babies born throughout our shift. We don't do circs on night shift that's usually only during the day.  But if we do have a random circ at night or early in the am we assist with setting up the sterile field and getting everything ready for the pediatrician. We give baby sweeties on our finger during the circ to keep them calm. That's more so a dayshift issue though. We also do both floors of babies bilirubin levels in the am and chart them in epic for the nurses. 

As secretary we answer the call lights and attend to patients needs, answer the unit phone, make new admission booklets and crib cards, restock nourishment rooms, and help the floor techs with baths in the morning as well as we all split the weights between the two floors. 

Good Luck