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Letters have been sent out offering interviews for Yale's GEPN program this January. Got questions? Need answers? Let's get together here and help each other out.... Read More

  1. by   May_baby
    Has anyone received a "welcome" packet from YSN?
    (Details about supplies/housing/etc.)
  2. by   chickpea25
    Hello Krysprout:
    I'm deciding between Yale and Columbia as well. I already turned in my Yale deposit but after the visitation day at Columbia, I'm having a really tough time deciding between the two schools. What are some of your reasons to consider one school over the other?
  3. by   Cali_baby
    May Baby-

    I recently spoke to YSN and was told that the first mailing would go out around the end of this month... it should have a lot of information in it - at least Im hoping it does.
  4. by   May_baby
    Thanks Cali_baby!
  5. by   krysprout
    Quote from chickpea25
    Hello Krysprout:
    I'm deciding between Yale and Columbia as well. I already turned in my Yale deposit but after the visitation day at Columbia, I'm having a really tough time deciding between the two schools. What are some of your reasons to consider one school over the other?
    Hi Chickpea -

    Some things I've thought of are that Columbia seems a little more intense (ie accelerated) but is shorter as a result (for most specialties anyways). Not that Yale isn't intense (which I'm SURE is not the case), but that they is slightly less class/clinic time per week. Since Yale is longer, i'm not sure if it ends up being more expensive or not (perhaps depends on individual financial aid??) - the price for either is rather daunting! Though Columbia is substantially bigger (a con in my book, though some might see it otherwise), the number of people in my specialty is about the same, so that doesn't lean me in one direction or another. I like the option of being able to take a year off at Columbia (to work as an RN or whatever) and that they offer the BS (though it might not really matter), neither of which are available at Yale. New Haven vs. NYC is also a big consideration - there's obviously tons more to do in NYC but New Haven is not so intense/overwhelming. New Haven seems to get a bad rap, but from everyone I know who's lived there, they seem to like it just fine. Plus it's only 1-1.5 hours from NYC. It is suggested (or required) that you have a car at Yale but not at Columbia, which might be an financial issue for some, though since you'll pay a lot less for housing in New Haven, this could potentially even out. I'm sure both programs are excellent, but I feel like I have a better sense of my specialty from the folks at Yale (where at Columbia, most of the focus was on the ETP and we didn't have any access to speciatly year students or much access to speciatly faculty, though they did answer questions during lunch). Everyone I've talked to in person from each program has loved it, though I've certainly heard grumblings about both on this site. Sorry if this is not terribly helpful, but these are some of the things I've been considering. Good luck making your decision and feel free to PM me if you want to chat further!

  6. by   ChrisSanFran
    Hello. Does anyone know where most GEPN students live the first year (i.e. on campus, East Rock, etc.)? Thanks
  7. by   Bizzles
    Hey ChrisSanFran,
    I'm moving from SF to New Haven for the GEPN program as well, and I haven't found any information save for what's on craigslist. Does anyone know where the grad kids live while they're starving students?

    Congrats to everyone who'll be joining us this year!
  8. by   KekelaNikol
    Hi Everyone,

    I also will be moving from SF to go to Yale. It sounds like there are a few of us from San Fran moving out there. I have heard that East Rock is where most of the Yale GEPN students live - it's also called the "grad ghetto" and is where the Yale shuttle bus runs through. I've also been told that Wooster Square is another good place to live that's not too far from the YSN building. That's all I know. I am hoping that once we receive more info from Yale we will be given housing info. Does anyone know when we should be getting additional info about the program, housing, required supplies, etc??? I'm looking forward to meeting everyone!
  9. by   Bizzles
    Thanks for the info, KekelaNikol. I've not heard anything from the school about places they'd suggest. Anyone looking for roomates? Let me know, I'm at jlbeezley22@yahoo.com
  10. by   kangaroo621

    I just found AllNurses, so forgive me for chiming in really late on this! I'm going to be in the Acute Care program in the fall - yippee!

    Have any of you gotten the packet of info on housing & lots of other stuff from Yale yet? I thought someone had told me mid-March, but I could be remembering wrong??

    Also... anyone looking to find housing together, or are most people living in the dorms, or alone, or already have people they're looking with?

    Thanks & can't wait to meet some of you guys!!
  11. by   lovingpecola
    Students live in all the aforementioned places and also on Science Hill which is on Prospect Street. Science Hill area has a lot of "on campus housing" and "off campus housing" all mingled in together! My husband and I live in on campus family housing and we like our apartment. It's on the blue (medical school) line, which runs the most often! There will definitely be more info coming for you guys!

  12. by   KekelaNikol
    Congrats Kangaroo!! I just emailed the school and they said that the packets of extra info - housing, supplies, etc - went out yesterday! So the lucky ones on the east coast should get it any day and those of us on the west coast should receive it by the end of the week! I'm hoping that has tons of info about the program and what we need to do and get before it starts.

    Congrats everyone!
  13. by   kangaroo621

    Thanks & Congrats to you too!

    What will your specialty be? Sorry if I missed it in previous posts... I'm still playing catch-up!

    I'm going to go stalk my mailman for my packet. Silly how excited I get about details... I was obsessed before and now it's even worse! :spin: