Yale GEPN Applicants 2012

  1. There didn't seem to be a main thread for applicants to Yale's GEPN program this year, so I thought I'd get one started. I'm applying for the midwifery specialty and am currently working on my application essays, having done everything else.

    Is anyone else really struggling with the main essay? I've finished my apps to two other programs and was happy with how those essays came out, but Yale's essay guidelines as so restrictive that I feel like my essay is turning out all disjointed. The fact that we have to answer every aspect of every question in *exactly the order they list* (this is apparently something that you need to take very seriously) means that I'm having to tie myself in knots. I want it to be not only informative about me as an applicant but also a good piece of writing - and I feel like the essay format is making this kind of difficult.

    Anyone else out there applying?
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  3. by   dedicatedone
    haha. LookingAhead...are we applying to ALL the same programs!?!

    I looked at that essay and too heard that it is imperative to answer it in the EXACT order. It looks insane and extremely hard to do to hit every single point while maintaining continuity. EEKs!

    I want to get involved with the FNP portion
  4. by   LookingAhead
    hi again, dedicatedone! yes, I think we're applying to all the same programs.

    destined to be classmates!
  5. by   sirgalahad
    I am also applying for the Midwifery specialty! I'm so glad you started this thread, and to meet you - it is nice have a fellow applicant to talk to. I am also having difficulty structuring my essay. It feels disjointed; particularly transitioning to describing the responsibilities I expect to continue or assume..? Are you also feeling a little lost here?

    Where else are you applying?
  6. by   dedicatedone
    Quote from LookingAhead
    destined to be classmates!
    you never know!!!
  7. by   cpsnap
    I am applying as well! Too funny!
  8. by   LookingAhead
    Welcome, cpsnap! We're all in it together.

    sirgalahad - yeah, addressing that point is a little weird. At the moment in my essay it is simply its own little paragraph, and then I move on. Surely the admissions committee is used to this - they're the ones who came up with this essay format...

    I'm also applying to Columbia and UCSF, all for midwifery or CNM/WHNP.
  9. by   myelin
    I'm likely applying to Yale. I'll be applying for the psych specialty. Oh man, I'm a bit nervous starting this application process but I'm also really excited. I feel passionate about choosing this career and I can't wait to get started. Have to get in first, of course.
  10. by   sirgalahad
    Glad to know I'm not alone on that one, LookingAhead You are right, I'm sure they are used to that sort of thing. Best of luck to you (and everyone!)
  11. by   dedicatedone
    Yes, this essay will definitely be choppy. I have no clue where to transition from point a to point b for some of the items we are to include.
  12. by   sirgalahad
    Regarding transcripts - do they need to be in the original sealed/signed envelope? Mine came today in the mail, but I opened it without thinking - not sure if I should order another . . .
  13. by   dedicatedone
    I know that schools almost always assume opened envelopes have been tampered in some way - or so they think. Call admissions to clarify but my guess would be that you would have to reorder I'm so sorry! I know those transcripts are NOT cheap.
  14. by   sirgalahad
    @dedicatedone, i know, you're completely right. I've already kicked myself and ordered another one

    I'm just still getting used to this "one packet" rule.

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