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Hi everyone! I'm wondering where all the Direct Entry students are? Perhaps you are all swamped this semester, and unable to chat, but I'm getting ready to start my prereqs and need a little... Read More

  1. by   romie
    To answer the original question, Where are all the Direct Entry Students, I can tell you that as a Direct Entry Student who just started this semester, all of them are studying their off and probably checking Blackboard every five minutes and IMing each other. I know that once I started my program, the amount of time I've spent on Allnurses has dropped fast. I don't even watch TV anymore--except Grey's of course. But I have been telling my classmates about this site.
  2. by   stressed_girl
    Quote from chachingdy
    Hi Kensington,
    I am applying to CSULA and they want my undergrad GPA. They do not factor in any post bachelor classes I have taken. This is starting to feel hopeless. Thanks for the info.
    Chachingdy-- I saw your post, and I've also applied to CSULA's ELMN program. When I spoke with Jane Conner, the coordinator, she said that they DO factor in all post bachelor classes. They are looking at the last 60 sem/ 90 quarter units. So don't worry!

    Also for all CSULA applicants, Jane Conner told me that for the TEAS, you have to meet min, 40th percentile in all 4 areas, but they are giving extra points for percentile rank in reading and english, which is weird because she initially told me to focus on the math portion.

    Does anyone know how many applicants they received last year and this year? It sucks cuase they accepted 40 people last year, but are only accepting 20 this year. Sooooooo scary!!!
  3. by   mvanz9999
    Quote from chachingdy
    Hi Kensington,
    I am applying to CSULA and they want my undergrad GPA. They do not factor in any post bachelor classes I have taken. This is starting to feel hopeless. Thanks for the info.
    I'm facing the same problem in Illinois. Your GPA is from your first undergrad only (last 60 hours). I could take 1,000 hours of post bachelor's classes, have a 4.0 and they wouldn't care.

    What's worse is that I have a decent overall GPA, but my grades actually went down from Fr -->Sr. I just barely squeak by the minimum since it's only the last 60 hours.
  4. by   chachingdy
    Hi Stressed girl!
    Am so stressed too. I am not sure how many applicants are going to be accepted. If they are only accepting 20, then my chances won't be so great coz my GPA isn't that great. Do you know when they will be interviewing people?

    Am so glad you responded!

  5. by   stressed_girl
    Heya Chachingdy!

    Your undergrad gpa is just one part they are looking at. My sister is also applying at CSULA, and like you, she went to UCLA also. Her BA gpa is not as high as she would like it to be either, but she took the science prereqs after she graduated and has done very well in those. So, if you don't mind me asking... how is your gpa for the required science courses? B/C they look at that completely separately from your cumulative gpa. And if you took your science prereqs recently, they will be looking at your LAST 60 semester/90 quarter units. Plus, they are looking at the TEAS also. So, don't fret!!
  6. by   MSJ2007
    I just found this website a couple of weeks ago, and I must say it's a great source of information.

    I will be starting the MN (yes MN, not MSN) program in May. It will last for 14 months (4 semesters), and is extremely accelerated. In my hometown, Cincinnati, there are 3 schools that offer second degree programs; College of Mount St. Joseph (MN), Xavier University (MSN), and UC which offers an accelerated BSN with MSN option. I believe that NKY also offers a similar BSN program.

    I am going crazy waiting for the program to start! If there are any other MSJ students out there, give me a shout!
  7. by   NurseJewels
    hey everyone! i'm finishing my 3rd semester at a masters entry program in San Diego, CA. I love it, yes like everyone else has said, its LONG days and hard work, but the pay off is so great in the end. THe program I'm in is great, but expensive (got to love those private schools), but the hospitals in San Diego are great. I'll eventually graduate with an MSN in Clinical Nurse Leadership, though half of our cohort is on NP tracks. GOod luck to all who are applying, I completely understand the frustration/trepidation/anticipation you're all going through!!
  8. by   DoveNoir
    MSJ 2007 here as well.. See you May 23 =)
  9. by   sunnyjohn
    Quote from DoveNoir
    MSJ 2007 here as well.. See you May 23 =)

    ANOTHER MSJ student.

    I've been on here forever waiting for you guys to post.

    I will see you all in Cincy in May!
  10. by   MSJ2007
    Hi, DoveNoir and Sunnyjohn,

    Yeah! Another MSJ student!

    It seems so much more real when I'm not the only one. Looking forward to meeting you both May 23.
  11. by   DoveNoir
    For the MSJ students, I have a list of our Pharmacology books

    Here are the ISBN's if you google the number you'll get the rest of the information

    ISBN: 9780323044868
    ISBN: 9781401878016
    ISBN: 9780132223362
  12. by   MSJ2007

    Just curious where you got the list. A previous student?

    I contacted MSJ directly and was able to get the to commit to one book that we will need to purchase.

  13. by   DoveNoir
    I went in and talked to the lady who does the ordering for the dept- and emailed her yesterday. The bookstore says that the lists are due from the professors on the 15th of this month.

    I am wrapping up finals for my last prereqs right now.. I can't wait to get started!