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I haven't seen any forums about the upcoming application for next year's MSN-E program so I thought I'd start! I have a degree from University of Oregon in Human Physiology with experience as a... Read More

  1. by   Lunabug
    Quote from RayyRN2b
    I called yesterday and was informed that 2 more alternates will receive admissions offers by the end of next week.
    @RayyRN2b Thanks for the update! By chance did the person you spoke to tell you if they are calling the alternates or emailing? Thank you
  2. by   dearestem
    Hi all, I just contacted the office and they told me that we would be notified early next week. 2 alternates will make it off the list. One other thing- just to give you guys an idea, they also said we will all know by August 20th if we made it in or not. Best of luck to everyone!!
  3. by   ns90
    August 20th is also the first day of class