waiting on a letter from Columbia.. yale??

  1. Hey all,

    It's been kinda quiet this year in terms of applicants getting together and expressing their mutual frustration at having to wait so long to hear from the school of their dreams! From reading previous threads, it looks like Columbia applicants should be hearing by the end of the first week of Feb and Yale sometime in the second week...
    How's everyone feeling? I've practically chewed off my lower lip in anticipation!!!

    Good luck to all!
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  3. by   IntlNurse2Be
    I have been feeling the same frustration/anticipation which you have expressed in your posting. I find myself leaving to get mail on my lunch break (one deadline is Feb. 1st - which is so scary because someone received an offer about a week ago and I haven't heard a peep) and, if I am not able to do that, leaving work and heading directly home to open my mailbox.

    My other frustration has been reading these posts. I received a rejection from UCSF (I know, hard school) and thought, no way, not getting in anywhere; and then reading the different threads regarding experience and gpa/gre scores...it's enough to make one feel inadequate!

    Anyway, hard to explain to someone who hasn't gone through the process. I dread opening that mailbox for fear of a slim envelope.

    Good luck to you Mary! I hope you post soon that you were accepted.

    BTW...what specialty did you apply for at Yale? I am waiting for word from Yale as well...
  4. by   cozzy66
    Sorry to hear about UCSF, but California schools are notoriously hard to get into unless you're from there!
    I only applied to Columbia so far, for Acute Care. Yale is too far away from NYC to commute. How about you?

    Good luck with your other applications!
  5. by   IntlNurse2Be
    I live in San Francisco! My biggest liability appears to be my lack of recent clinical/volunteer experience. I was in a BSN program about 15 years ago and left in the middle (I broke the first rule of nursing school - I became engaged to one of the residents from the medical school program and ended up moving away) and have only recently received my undergrad degree. Due to working fulltime and going to school full time over the past two years I haven't had time to do anything else. I took a chance and applied hoping that I might at least get an interview. In addition, one of my letters was from a former resident/now UCSF Medical School prof. I thought that might help, but obviously it didn't.

    I am willing to move out of state - the benefit of the lower cost of living outweighs any consideration for a difference in tuition. I lived back east previously and really enjoyed it, so I applied to a couple of programs (Pediatrics, with an eventual International Health Masters). I will see what happens.

    Good luck with Columbia!
  6. by   May_baby
    IntlNurse, are you waiting on an interview offer letter from Yale?

    If you have not received one contact Student Services as soon as possible. Interviews are this week and next.

    If you have questions feel free to PM me.
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  7. by   IntlNurse2Be
    One of my recommendation letters was left out of the envelope when it was sent to Yale which caused my application to be considered late (the person who sent in the letter took a month to re-send). So, I am in the second round of potential candidates - I have heard that IF there are openings - I know that is highly unlikely - but if there are, then we will receive interview notices sometime in February.

    Thank you for the help - it is nice to see everyone looking out for each other. This is yet another reason why I know I have made the right decision in becoming a nurse!

    I've seen your posts before May_baby. Did you have your interview yesterday?
  8. by   BAtoCNM
    Just for the record, I've chewed my fingernails down to nothing waiting for results from Penn and Columbia! You're not the only one. .
    Also, I heard from a friend of mine that her acceptance envelope was THIN, so not to worry if you get a small one!
    Best of luck to all,
  9. by   anniepants
    hey guys!! yeahhh i'm dyiing waiting for columbia's response! it just seems so much longer since they don't interview...it seems liek we've been waiting forever for SOME kind of indication of how we're doing...only 2 more weeks till we hear though!

    i was at yale yesterday interviewing, and i was surprised to find out that they won't send out letters until the end of feb/beginning of march (at least that's what they told us). i originally thought that we'd be hearing from them in the second week of feb, too. ah well....

    good luck, everyone!
  10. by   asparagus
    i think penn will be earlier. i think people on this board heard on jan 26th last year and during my interview they made it seem like we would hear back by the end of january.....
  11. by   SteveNNP
    Wow! I'm applying in March for Columbia's part-time NNP program that starts in September, then switching to FT the following spring, once I get my new job/housing in order. I hope I don't get as nervous as you all seem to be, though! I still need to take the GRE... The recruiter told me that I should hear in 2-3 weeks if I've been accepted once my application is in...
  12. by   cozzy66
    From what I've read in the 2006 acceptance thread, we should be finding out on 2/5 or 2/6 sometime around then... and yes those acceptance envelopes are thin!! I'll be on edge until I know :trout:
  13. by   kmp2120
    Hi everyone!!

    Hang in there! I am in the ETP program at Columbia now and I remember the anticipation last year being unbearable!! I heard on February 7th and it was a very thin envelope!

  14. by   BlueJune
    Penn decisions are online!!