Vanderbilt MSN 2018

  1. Hi! I'm starting a thread for Vanderbilt MSN Fall 2018. Anyone else applying too? Please comment!
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  3. by   BRILLL
    Yes i'm applying to the prespecialty PMHNP program. Im working on my application now. I tried starting a thread too but it was removed for some reason.
  4. by   lucy1244
    I'm applying prespecialty AGACNP
  5. by   BRILLL
    Cool yea Vandy is my first choice; I'm taking my prerequisites now. I'm surprised that I haven't seen more threads since I found tons for previous years. Hopefully that means less people are applying this time around.
  6. by   jpolzien0

    I'm applying to the FNP specialty as an ASN to MSN student. Good luck to you guys!

  7. by   ahw1223
    I'm applying to the prespecialty PNP. Almost done with my statement of purpose and my essay portion of the application and talking the GRE next Thursday ( so nervous about this In the middle of my prerequisites right now as well. Good luck to everyone
  8. by   Chappie
    I am applying for the PMHNP. I have everything in but the GRE,which I take October 8th. A little nervous about this, but hoping for the best.
  9. by   lucy1244
    What are everyone's GRE scores??
  10. by   BRILLL
    I got 156 for both quant and verbal and 3.5 for the writing. I'm retaking it though in a couple weeks.
  11. by   mma22664
    I'm not understanding how those short questions are anything different from the personal statement....
  12. by   HopefullyNP
    I'm also applying!! Prespecialty FNP, finishing my last prerequisite this semester. Also taking the GRE in 2 weeks. Vanderbilt is my #1 program, but applying to a few others just in case. I have some super low undergrad grades to compensate for (about 5 years ago) but so far I have all A's in my prereqs. I'm so excited but is anyone else TERRIFIED?! Hopefully finishing up my statement of purpose this coming week. Good luck to everyone applying and hopefully I'll get to see everyone next year!
  13. by   rgnwlk
    hi! i was wondering when one of these would be started for this year. i'm applying to prespecialty PMHNP. i got a 159V/158Q and a 4.5 on writing on the gre-- almost finished with application, good luck to all!!
  14. by   izquierda
    I'm applying to the prespecialty dual WHNP/AGPHNP! Would anyone mind sharing how much overlap you had in your responses to the essay questions and your statement of purpose? Were you able to avoid repeating yourself?