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I am waiting to hear from Vanderbilt University. I have already been accepted into Columbia's program, but I am waiting to hear from Vanderbilt to make a decision. Are there any other applicants out... Read More

  1. by   BlueJune
    Hello! I just found out that I got into Vanderbilt's Women's Health/Adult Health NP program! I don't know what they require for grades, but I e-mailed them about the avg GRE/GPA of the entering class last year - it turned out that last year's class had an average GPA of 3.4 and an average GRE of 1140.

    I also visited the school during Winter break; unfortunately nothing was open because it was New Years. I did get a chance to walk around the nursing school building and the campus; Godchaux Hall is a relatively small building; the campus was beautiful. The area is surrounded by all the teaching hospitals & nursing/medical schools, so everything seemed accessible by foot.
  2. by   starryeyed
    i finally found out! i got accepted into the nurse midwifery program. i am so happy. i had a low gpa (3.2) but my gre score was pretty good (1480, 5.5 analytical). the school sounds fabulous and nashville seems like it will be a wonderful place to live! has anyone talked to current students?
  3. by   MonYmonY
    Congrats!!! Nope I haven't talked to any current students but I would love to! Are you going to visit the campus? I'm going to the Open House and I"m so excited to see Nashville!!!
  4. by   opradiva
    Hello everyone,

    Glad to see so many of you have been accepted to Vandy. Congrats. I did not apply; I'm a second degree BSN hopeful, but I went to school right down the street from Vandy at Fisk University for my undergraduate studies. Loved Nashville! Very active social scene, great eateries, and the park during the spring and summer is absolutely beautiful. Music scene is great, and the weather is not too bad. I hope you all enjoy it there.

  5. by   MonYmonY
    Is there anyone out there who lives in Nashville now and can give me an idea of how soon to start looking for apartments and where is a good/ safe place to live near Vanderbilt?! Any help would be great! Also, do you know if Vanderbilt has any sort of roommate finder?! Thanks!!!
  6. by   meagain716
    Oh man, this makes me nervous, with all of you finding out already. I'm waiting on Vandy and Seattle, and haven't heard yet. That makes me nervous, because they generally send out the letters at the same time. I applied to the Family Nurse Practitioner program for non-nurses with a bachelor's degree. Sigh. I really really want to get in, and I'm hoping my letter arrives soon. Is it a big package, or just a letter? I was accepted to Columbia, but I don't know if I can afford it and moving to NYC is scary. Sigh. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  7. by   MonYmonY
    Maybe you should call and ask? The Vanderbilt letter was just ina buisness sized envelope. I also applied to Seattle but already found out I rejected... but its ok! Maybe you gave them the wrong address or something?! At least you haven't heard that you've been rejected either?! Good luck!!!
  8. by   MonYmonY
    Maybe try calling? I already found out about both Vanderbilt and Seattle (got rejected).... and Vanderbilt's letter was just a small buisness sized envelope. Good luck!!!
  9. by   hunnybaby24
    Well I haven't heard back either, but I applied late. I am also worried! I talked to the admissions counselor and she said I would get a response very soon! :smilecoffeecup:
  10. by   morganvibes
    Hi, I got accepted into the Vanderbilt FNP program (for non-nurses)- woo-hoo! I heard on the 23rd and was getting nervous as well.
    I live in Nashville and there are lots of places to live near campus. I live 5 minutes away so it's awesome for me.
    I am going to the open house saturday too, let me know if I can help.

  11. by   ChCkBzk
    I do think I want to live close to campus, but I know there are some nice areas that are affordable in other parts of Nashville. I don't care where I live as long as they take my Chihuahua and it's pretty cheap. I figure most of the time I'll have my nose buried in a book so I won't actually care what my apartment looks like. I'm currently living in Finland so I'm going to be on a tight schedule to find housing this fall! I'm wondering if I should send my mom to look for something?
  12. by   hunnybaby24
    Hi all, I finally received word from Vandy and I wasn't accepted. But, I have applied to BSN programs in my area and am hoping for the best! Thank you all for your information and I wish you the best of luck at Vanderbilt!