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The interview is in a few weeks and I was wondering if anyone could give me a few pointers. I know the current students are probably too busy to respond to this, but any help would be greatly... Read More

  1. by   sugarplumkitty
    has anyone not heard from usd yet? i'm so nervous
  2. by   blsulliv
    HI everyone! for those of you who were accepted to USF for fall 2011 who is thinking of accepting?
  3. by   juansblog
    I'm accepting, I only applied to USD and don't want to wait another year to apply elsewhere. i just want to get started! its expensive, but the school seems pretty amazing
  4. by   suiteums
    yep, I'm in, check's in the mail!
  5. by   blsulliv
    Usd does seem like an amazing program! Im just waiting to hear back from Usf to make my final decision... congrats and maybe i'll be joining you in san diego in the fall!
  6. by   almost__there
    Quote from suiteums
    yep, I'm in, check's in the mail!
    Same here! Did you get any kind of confirmation from USD?
  7. by   suiteums
    Quote from almost__there
    Same here! Did you get any kind of confirmation from USD?
    No, they said we'll get a carbon copy from that receipt they sent. My check hasn't cleared yet so I figure it hasn't been processed. I'll call them on Monday if I haven't seen anything.
  8. by   seabear
    Accepted to USD MEPN 2011?

    USD MEPN Class of 2013 Facebook group:
  9. by   suiteums
    Haven't received the receipt but the check cleared so that's confirmation enough. Also, I was sent instructions on how to establish my online account with email, so I'm officially a USD student...woohoo!

    Quote from almost__there
    Same here! Did you get any kind of confirmation from USD?
  10. by   blsulliv
    I overnighted my check yesterday! I am still waiting to hear from USF but as of right now it looks like I will be joining all of you in San Diego in August. I am super excited about starting nursing school and getting to meet all of you! Did USD send any sort of email confirmation when they received your deposit? I should have sent it in a few days earlier but I was waiting to hear from USF...
  11. by   suiteums
    Quote from Sandman2855
    Hi. I did USD interviews last year. They are very friendly and try their best to not be intimidating. It is nerve - racking to be sure but you will all do fine. Just remember that you would not have gotten an interview if you were not a very strong applicant. Good luck!

    how's ucla?
  12. by   christy17
    Hello!!! I was wondering if any of you that had an interview and were accepted would be so kind as to share what the interview experience was like? I was just notified yesterday that I got an interview now it's time to prepare! I am so excited and hopefully will be talking with some of you soon. USD is my number one choice for so many reasons and I don't want to sound like a babbling fool when I'm on campus. Thank you so much in advance and I hope you're studies are going well.
  13. by   Briordan
    Hi Christy17, I got that email as well. I am so nervous for it because I want to get in so bad and do not want to screw it up! Where else did you apply to?