UPENN MSN Fall 2018

  1. Hey there fellow nurses!

    Anyone looking to apply or already applied to UPENN for their NP this coming Fall, 2018?

    I'm going to apply to the PNP track and was hoping to meet some fellow students starting then as well.
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  3. by   the healer’s art
    Hey I applied for full time in the acute care PNP program with a critical care concentration!
  4. by   PHLpnpHopefully
    How exciting! I'm so nervous. The part-time application opens in March and I'm going to the open house then too. Did you get to visit the campus?
  5. by   NurseSam84
    I just applied for the PT PNP - Primary Care program! So excited. What programs did you apply for and did you hear back yet?
  6. by   PHLpnpHopefully
    I've decided to wait to apply until I finish my BSN program (four weeks away woohoo!). My decision is between UPenn and Jefferson due to financial reasons and I'm going to be switching jobs once I graduate - hopefully where I end up will have tuition reimbursement. What area of nursing have you worked in? Have you applied to other schools?
  7. by   Violet3724
    Hi all - I applied for part-time CNM/WHNP fall start. My application has been in "ready to review" status for weeks... anyone have any news or updates on admissions timeline?
  8. by   pjane
    Hi everyone!

    I applied for part-time FNP for this fall 2018. My application has been "in review" since late March. Has anyone heard an update of when decisions will be given?
  9. by   pjane
    Correction: "ready to review"
  10. by   LearyT
    I applied to the adult/gero acute care program as a part time student, and just received an invitation to interview. The email was a bit vague, does anyone know if these are group or individual interviews?