UNC-CH MSN 2018 Cycle

  1. To my knowledge, there is no thread yet for all of us UNC MSN 2018 matriculation hopefuls! I am currently finalizing my application for the RN-MSN program, specifically FNP. That personal statement was a monster to write, but I think I'm finally happy with it.

    I know I'm super early to be applying, but there's got to be other people out there who are like me and super eager to get their apps in. How is it going for all you peeps?!
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  3. by   Ftn103
    I've also started my app, but still trying to clean up my personal statement. Quick question, how did you address the APA formatted references? I'm stumped.
  4. by   detrelibre
    Hey! That personal statement is such a monster. Great question, so my understanding is that the APA references are for those individuals who have participated in research. So if you reference the research you were a part of anywhere in your statement, then you would need to cite it in APA format at the end of your statement. I have not participated in any research so I didn't have any APA references. I hope that helps! Which program are you applying to?
  5. by   Ftn103
    Thank you so much for your help! I'll be applying to the AGPCNP program.
  6. by   amanda9822
    I submitted my application to the MSN FNP program on December 11th. Felt kind of anti-climactic knowing I am in for a five month wait! Good luck to you all! Here's hoping they give us a nice surprise and notify us sooner than the end of April
  7. by   detrelibre
    I know right? I was reading about how other people weren't notified until around May. My fingers are crossed for all of us applying.
  8. by   detrelibre
    Waiting is making me so anxious! Less than 2 months until they send out decisions. :O
  9. by   amanda9822
    Soooon! We're already halfway through our wait! Yay!
  10. by   rsong519
    I applied as well. You guys haven't heard anything at all asides from confirmation email when you submitted the application? And will they let us know via email or mail? Any idea when the time frame is? End of April? Beginning of may? Best of luck to you all!
  11. by   detrelibre
    Congrats on applying! Nope haven't heard a thing but I'm sure that's normal! My understanding is that we will be notified by snail mail by the end of April.

    What specialty did you apply for if you don't mind me asking? And are you RN-MSN or BSN-MSN?
  12. by   rsong519
    BSN-MSN, adult gerontology primary care NP
  13. by   detrelibre
    I called the school of nursing the other day and learned that us RN-MSN applicants have greater odds of getting in this year than years past because for the this year we are being judged in a separate pool from the BSN-MSN applicants. Just thought others like me would want to know this info, it sure made me feel more hopeful!
  14. by   nctoca
    I went to UNC for my BSN and they notified us the second week in April. I'm hoping for a similar situation for MSN, but it seems like end of April is the norm!