UIC Graduate Entry Program

  1. Hi folks,

    Thinking about applying to UIC's GEP program. Anybody here applied and was accepted? What were your stats?

    My stats: 3.2 Overall GPA/3.5 Sci BA in Sociology. Office Manager in home health care, tech in a medical equipment co, medical assistant (no cert) in dr's office and later office manager there. Volunteering in Nursing Home around 120 hours...

    From what I can tell on their website, after completing the NCLEX, you immediately start the master portion of the program. Is this correct?
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  3. by   kdiem
    Hello! I plan to apply to the GEPN program early next year too. And correct, you begin the master's portion after passing the NCLEX. Which specialty are you considering and are you applying to any other schools? I will be applying to their midwifery-women's health NP program. I wish their application would open up this year!
  4. by   beestrng
    I have been only looking into the Accel. MSN programs just recently. I was primary considering Accelerated BSN programs, but I prefer the MSN/adv practice route. There are not many out there from what I read. There are a ton of Direct entry MSN programs listed on the aacn website, but most are not for direct NP.

    I am interested in the Psych NP specialty but I would be content with the primary care stuff too.

    Other colleges I am looking into are Boston Col, Northeastern, MGH and Northeastern. I am not too sure about what kind of stats are needed to get into these institutions though. Are there any other programs I am missing?
  5. by   kdiem
    There are many other direct entry programs, but I'm not sure all of them have the psychiatric specialty. You can look into the "Direct Entry MSN Programs 2013" forum available (should be on the first page of this Post grad nursing student section. There are other schools like Columbia, UPenn, Johns Hopkins, Marquette, Yale etc. I believe most of these schools should have the accelerated BSN to MSN/NP. Most of the schools have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 and then the GRE scores vary.
  6. by   0603lcs
    I am also applying to start January 2014.
    I have a 3.6 GPA from EIU with my BA and 3.93 from my prerequisites from FRCC. My science GPA is 4.0
    I have no medical experience but have been volunteering at a local hospital for over 100 hours. My prior work experience is related to my degree in graphic design.
    I live in CO and would be moving back to start if excepted, so any additional information would be highly appreciated.

    Is anyone clear on what the tuition is?
  7. by   rainkissedleaves
    Likewise. I am applying for MHNP at UIC! So I just looked at the website again- no GRE required.
  8. by   KoKe
    I know the application opens January 2013. Does anyone know when is the priority deadline? I think the overall deadline is March.
  9. by   bbcc
    KoKe - I don't think there are two deadlines, just the one March 1st deadline.
  10. by   sittenfeld
    Hello, I am also applying for the 2014 class.

    Anyone have an idea about how long the essays need to be? I know 600 words is required for the goal statement (if I'm interpreting the website correctly), but what about the other questions?

  11. by   steve21021
    Hey there,
    I just paid my application fee, and am going to finish the rest of my supplementary materials in the next 2 weeks or so.
    I am about to get my masters in healthcare admin, and have my BA in human biology. My last 60 credits of undergrad were a 3.31 and my grad school gpa is currently a 3.6. I got around the 50th percentile on the GRE and a 4.5 on the writing. I am getting published in a chemistry journal pretty soon, and have been a chemistry researcher for the last 2 years.
    I hope that I get into the acute gerontology NP program.

    What program is everyone else applying to?
  12. by   rainkissedleaves
    What does the supplemental application include (essays)?
  13. by   hi616
    The supplemental app has three essays (a goal statement, an essay about being a leader, and an essay about health related work or volunteer experience if you have any), a pre-requisite self-evaluation form, a space to insert your resume, and a space to list volunteer or community service activities.

    It also asks for the email addresses of the three people doing your letters of rec. Unless I'm misunderstanding something, it doesn't allow you to send the electronic forms to your recommenders until you've completed to app. So I'm rushing today to complete it so my recommenders have a full month to submit.
  14. by   rainkissedleaves
    Perfect! Thanks for the detailed response!