Tring to find advance patho,pharm and statistics online

  1. I want to take advance patho, pharm and statistics online to count towards my MSN program that I cannot enter unit Spring. I do not want to wait around the Summer and Fall so I am trying to find an online program where I can take these! Does anyone know of any??? I appreciate any suggestions!
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    UMass Online offers advanced patho and pharm.
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    Just make sure that the credits will transfer. Most graduate programs will accept 8-12 transfer credits but it can be difficult to transfer those credits. For example, some programs have 3 credit pathophysiology courses but if the program to which you are applying requires 4 or more, those credits will not transfer in.

    Many programs allow students to take certain courses, usually pathophysiolgy, statistics, theory, and health policy before they're formally accepted into a program. Check with your school to see if they will allow this.

    Also, just so you're aware, some programs require 3 credits of pathophys, some require 4. At least one program requires 6. If you're attending a school that requires more than 3 credits, you might not be able to transfer in a 3-credit course. You would have to repeat it.
  6. by   mom2cka does offer those
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    I was beginning to think about my class schedule. Now, of course, I'm going part-time, so I will be only taking about 6 or 7 hours at MOST each semester. I've heard HORROR STORIES of taking Adv.Patho & Adv.Pharm at the same time or either of these with Adv. Assessment.

    Would anyone RECOMMEND, which classes work best with each other and which to ABSOLUTELY AVOID taking together?

    I was thinking of taking theory & adv.assessment (1st semester), then research & adv. patho (2nd semester), and Adv.Pharm & Adv.Nursing Role (3rd semester). What do you think?
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    Do not take advanced assessment or advanced pharmacy with pathophys or before pathophys. The things you learn in pathophys are foundational to both. My program required a 2-semester, 6 credit pathophys course. Because of course sequencing, the only time I could take health assessment was concurrently with the first pathophys course. I got through okay but realized that the course would have made much more sense had I done the two semesters of pathophys first. I found that semester to be very stressful (I also had another 3-credit course) and extremely busy.

    I think what saved me in my health assessment class was that I had done a 3-credit advanced pathophysiology course elsewhere (it didn't transfer because of the difference in the credits between the two schools). I also took advanced pharmacology right after my first pathophys course and did well on both.

    Roles is a fairly easy course and it is a great introduction to grad school, especially if you aren't sure of what role you want when you finish. If you want to ease yourself in to your first semester, take roles and theory together.

    Here are some options for your schedule:

    1st semester: Theory and Roles (light schedule for your first semester)
    2nd semester: Research and Pathophys
    3rd semester: Pharmacology and Health Assessment (only if you think they're doable together)


    1st semester: Theory and Pathophys
    2nd semester: Research and Pharmacology (or Health Assessment, whichever is easier)
    3rd semester: Roles and Health Assessment or Pharmacology (whichever is tougher)


    1st semester: Roles and Pathophys
    2nd semester: Theory and advanced pharmacology
    3rd semester: Research and health assessment

    This third option might be the most balanced.

    Also, if you need statistics, make sure to take that before research. You could take stats with either theory or roles but don't take it with pathophys, pharmacology, or assessment. That would be brutal.

    Hope this helps!
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    You are welcome! Good luck in your program!
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    I am looking for an online Adv. Pharm.... any thoughts?