South University

  1. Hi all, just wondering who out there has experience with South University. I have read varying accounts and would like opinions as to if this school is worthwhile. IE, honesty of staff/admissions, as well as if the courses offered are taught by actual professionals. I am self directed and need no handholding, but would like some sense of support from the instructors. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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  3. by   mammac5
    Remember when dealing with them that the admissions people are SALES people.
  4. by   CraigB-RN
    And sometimes pushy sales people.
  5. by   khrissi17
    I agree they had me sign the promissory note before I saw was being offered and they enrolled me in one day! I did my financial aid and the request your transcripts for you in one day! I'm scared because I signed that MPN and don't know yet what I'm being offeredor how much tuition is going to be for me. If tuition is too much or I'm not getting enough aid, I'm contacting Direct Loans and doing a credit check in 2 months to make sure they didn't process anything.

    I even asked the guy Mr. B. G (those are his initials) why is the graduation rate 26% according to FAFSA and he's like the government just puts up some numbers of what they think the graduation is then when I type other schools they seemed way higher, and its like everything he said was to hurry and get me in but when he noticed I corrected whatever he said, he'd rush me through. hmmmmmmmm