Seattle University APNI Program 2018

  1. I'm interested in applying to the APNI program at SU. I've been reading a lot of the forums from other years, and have found it's quite competitive! I would love to hear from other people, and their track. Or if someone is in the program and has any advice about what they like in an applicant. Thank you!
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  3. by   Thanksforthedonuts
    If you have a BSN degree already I would imagine that you already have a huge advantage over other applicants.

    I know that they take any applicant with a bachelors degree or higher. Shoot, you never even have to have stepped foot in a hospital because they'll take the student who was working at Starbucks a week ago! It is a great program for all those with a major in communications and a minor in psychology. ... But then again I am a meany with beef again direct-entry NP programs

    I am also highly opinionated and believe there NEEDS to be a huge push to standardize NP education all across the board. AND AT THE VERY LEAST everyone should already have a BSN degree prior to entry . But then again... everyone and my 3 year old would agree I'm a meany head.

    But welcome to! This is truely an awesome site for getting the opinions and ideas of other nurses in our community!
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  4. by   Belen1
    Thank you for your reply! I actually don't have a BSN. I was originally going to go into nursing and had an interview for a school in WA, but I didn't go. I ended up switching to Kinesiology and I am graduating in December. I think my major is great for holistic care as we learn about the whole individual and how to apply exercise as medicine with a capstone class completely dedicated to this. Although, we still do not get the training a nurse does. I will, however, be doing a capstone internship as a CNA that will be 450 hours at the minimum.

    I would not mind getting a second bachelor's, but money is an issue. And it would also probably take me an extra 3 years and an extra 50k which is a lot!

    Did you go through SU's NP program?
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  5. by   Futuremidwife44
    Hi! So I am currently in SU's APNI DNP Midwifery program. They don't accept applicants for this program that have a BSN. It is designed for non-nurses because the first year we study to become RN's and to take the NCLEX.
    If you already have your BSN the APNI program is not for you, there are plenty of programs that are for you though.

    The people in my cohort come from so many diverse backgrounds. I know that SU places a huge emphasis on their students having a passion for social justice, and it is apparent in the 2017 cohort. There are some truly amazing people in the program and I am privileged to learn alongside them and from them.
    That being said I believe that SU places a huge emphasis on the individual through out the application process.
    For instance here are two examples of applicants
    1. 3.9 student with a high GRE score, has done some volunteer work, doesn't have much work expereince
    2. 3.5 student with average GRE score and was in the peace core

    The second applicant seams WAY MORE LIKELY to get accepted at SU, in my opinion.
  6. by   futureonez
    I am applying this December for the midwifery program. what advise do you have for writing the essay?
  7. by   SomaliLuv

    I'll be applying to the SU APNI FNP program this December. Wish you all luck!!
  8. by   Itme
    I am also applying this December for the APNI FNP program. Does anyone know how many applications they receive for this program typically?
  9. by   aimeedav
    Thanks for that comment Futuremidwife44! I am looking at applying to the Midwifery APNI program. It's great to hear some insight from someone in the program. How many people are in your cohort for the APNI Nurse Midwife program? Thanks!
  10. by   _futurenursebee
    Hi everyone! I had been going back and forth about whether I should apply to Seattle U and decided to do so for the Summer 2018 cohort. Can't decide between the FNP track or the Community Public Health track. Hope the application is going well for you all!

    For people currently in the program, how are you finding the classes? Any application advice?
  11. by   tta94
    Can anyone shed some light on the essay? How long it should be? One of my schools was 2-3 single spaced pages. Not sure if that'd be acceptable or excessive..
  12. by   cnmeg
    Does anyone know if you HAVE to have your BSN at the time of submission? I am graduating with my non-nursing BSN in May 2018. Am I still eligible to apply?
  13. by   Thanksforthedonuts
    Your can't have a "non-nursing BSN". A BSN literally means = a bachelor of science in nursing.
  14. by   Futuremidwife44
    I am currently in the program and SU.
    The APNI-DNP program is designed for non-nurses. RN or BSN
    This is because the first year of the program, the APNI year, we study to become RNs and to take the NCLEX.

    You can apply just for the DNP portion if you already have your RN license.