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  1. by   renee9G
    Quote from 2bgr8nurse
    Hey Renee- I saw your post on the ABSN thread that you got accepted into that program. Are you more interested in the FNP path than the ABSN, which route would you rather go? That must be such a relief to know that no matter what you are starting in January.

    Thats not a decision I have had to make at this point. Last I talked to Liza there has not been any movement on the waitlist since you last checked. There could always be the possibility that people dont show up to orientation, however I believe that is a small chance. Regardless, I look forward to meeting people this Thursday!
  2. by   2bgr8nurse
    Hey Renee- Will you fill us in on how the orientation goes and what they say for those of us not going on Thursday? Is the orientation mandatory? When you spoke with Liza did she confirm that your spot had moved to #2? Thanks!
  3. by   renee9G
    Orientation is mandatory, therefore if people who put in deposits do not show that moves people up on the waitlist.
  4. by   EternallyOptimistic
    Not that this helps our tensions, but Liza said that one year they had someone not show on the first day of class
  5. by   2bgr8nurse
    What happens if they don't show on the first day? Do they really add someone that late in the game? I feel like time is really running out for us waiters.
  6. by   nursingimomma
    Hi 2bgr8nurse,
    the orientation is mandatory and I would definitely suggest you go if you can since its an all day meeting and will be very informative.
  7. by   2bgr8nurse
    I'm only on the waitlist. I wasn't told to go to this meeting. Were other people on the waitlist told to go???
  8. by   2bgr8nurse
    renee and nursingmomma how did the orientation go? Where there any no shows after all? What was it all about?
  9. by   EternallyOptimistic
    I spoke with Liza and she said there were 2 no shows. They have until 8 am Monday to call Liza and let her know they still want to attend.
  10. by   2bgr8nurse
    Eternally- thanks for the update
  11. by   renee9G
    I just accepted an offer for the ELMSN program. I was waitlisted #5 to start. #6 your next! Good luck!
  12. by   nursingimomma
    CONGRATS Renee9G!! look forward to meeting you! It seems from orientation we are gonna have a really cool class!!
  13. by   EternallyOptimistic
    Thanks for the well wishes, I was #6 and now I'm #1... Hopefully I will get to see you all in class! Fingers crossed.