Samuel Merritt ELMSN-FNP 2010 - Sacramento Applicants - page 15

Anyone out there applying for this program? Looking for some friends to share the stress of the waiting game with!... Read More

  1. by   EternallyOptimistic
    Best of luck in your studies, Eric!
  2. by   jd2nurse
    Thanks! Good luck to you, too!!
  3. by   2bgr8nurse
    Eternally optimistic- did you find out if you've moved up in the waitlist line yet?
  4. by   renee9G
    jd2nursing, i have a question for you but i dont have the ability to PM. I was in your interview group, is there anyway to contact you on here?
  5. by   jd2nurse
    Hi Renee,
    I sent you an email (on this site) with my home email address. Erik
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  6. by   2bgr8nurse
    Hey Erik- Are you still in limbo about which program you are going to go with or are you set now with one?
    I spoke with Liza on Friday and it sounded like the waitlist hadn't shifted so I was just curious if you had changed your mind?
  7. by   jd2nurse
    Nope. I made my decision. I'm going ABSN!
  8. by   EternallyOptimistic
    2bgr8nurse- I wasn't able to get in contact with Liza on Friday, hopefully I will have moved up! I'll let you know when I get a new number so far I had moved from 6th to 5th.
  9. by   2bgr8nurse
    Hey Erik- thanks for the reply. I hope you are happy with your decision. I can understand from your earlier post that taking one year instead of three at this time will be best for you. Good luck in becoming a dad. I am lucky enough to be the mother of 3 young girls and I can say that it's the best thing in the world.
    Eternally- thanks for the info. When I talked to her last week I had moved from #8 to #6, but then when Erik said he had passed on the ELMSN I asked her again and my spot was still #6, which I find strange. I'm going to assume that she has to wait for him to sign a form stating he is giving up that spot before she can move us up in line.
    So have any of you guys figured out financing? She told me to go ahead as if I'll be starting the program in January so I filled out my FAFSA, but I was just wondering what everyone else is doing? I'm going to assume that not everyone is loaded and able to pay the tuition up front out of pocket. (wish I could) Let me know what you guys are finding out there.
  10. by   choochoosi
    I was #2 on the waitlist and I have just been accepted into the program. Thus far two people have declined their admissions offers and everyone on the waitlist has moved up two places.
  11. by   2bgr8nurse
    Congrats Choochoosi- that's awesome
  12. by   nursingimomma
    Congrats Choochoosi!! I know the wait was tough but I'm glad you got in. Seems like we are gonna have a really good and supportive class this spring. Everyone has been so good about supporting one another on this trend and really good about giving tips and advice. Best of luck to you!
  13. by   EternallyOptimistic
    I haven't been able to find anything in the way of aid for school. I did the FAFSA, but my EFC is really high, I don't know how they calculated that! But anyways, if anyone does see a good opportunity, please let us know.