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  1. Please tell me of schools with an online PMHNP program. So far the only ones I've found are Rush & Drexel. Hopefully there are other options.
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  3. by   UVA Grad Nursing
    The PMH courses at the University of Virginia is taught live on Thursdays and 'web-streamed' to students who live at a distance (synchronous learning). We prepare students for either PMH CNS or PMHNP certifications. Students at a distance would 'attend' and participate in these seminars through their own computers. Students are required to have a T1/DSL connection and a web-camera.

    However, the APN core classes (patho, pharm, assessment, APN role) are not online. Some students are taking these courses elsewhere and transferring in the credit.
  4. by   luv2yoga
    That sounds like it could work. What about clinical placement? I've read the horror stories in other threads. Can you guys help with that?
  5. by   UVA Grad Nursing

    We maintain many existing clinical contracts for our prorgams (BSN, MSN, DNP), but most of these are in Virginia and surrounding states (DC, MD, WV, NC, TN). Students out of the region are responsible for locating their own clinical sites for the 2 practica (250 hours each).

    Locating your own clinical site is one of the chief drawbacks to distance-learning programs.
  6. by   kcocat
    There are actually many. Look at St. Louis University, SUNY, Boston U, U of Arizona, Sinclair school of nursing in Missouri (they have a great dean and excellent pricing compared to many others!) New Mexico Univ. also has one but I think you have to go there once per semester. Vanderbuilt also has it but also has some onsite requirements....

    The best search for me on google when I was doing it was MSN nursing Mental NP - do it just this then later add online. For some reason online omits some that actually are online, so I had to do it both ways.
  7. by   inthesky
    U of arizona recently canceled their psych DNP program =(
  8. by   luv2yoga
    Thanks all -- this is going to be a lot of work, to find the best fit for me. My primary concern is being able to line up clinicals. I looked into local brick and mortar programs but many/most of the classes are in the 4 pm to 9 pm timeframe - absolutely the worst time for a mom with kids. And all are at least an hour commute. So that means online is the best choice but the sticky question of clinicals remains. I am working per diem at a state psych hosptial and I'm hoping that they have some NPs there that could work with me -- but I haven't been there long enough to know that. I haven't met a single NP at the place so far.
  9. by   inthesky
    I'm worried about clinicals as well. In my city, many of the outpatient state agencies mental health providers are NPs. The agencies will be the first I contact.
  10. by   luv2yoga
    That's a good idea. Thanks. I suspect the Psych NPs are out there, I am just not in a position to make routine contact with them.
  11. by   mona b RN
    Quote from luv2yoga
    Please tell me of schools with an online PMHNP program. So far the only ones I've found are Rush & Drexel. Hopefully there are other options.

    University of South Alabama has an online family PMHNP program. Try this link