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  1. I am seriously considering applying to an online MSN program for next spring. I will be going part-time, so it will be a while before I get to the clinical portion of the program. However, I recently found out that this program requires students to find their own preceptor.

    Does anyone have any experience finding a preceptor for a nurse practitioner program? How difficult was it, and how did you go about searching for a site/instructor?

    Every other aspect of the program sounds great, but I don't want to even start if I'm going to have difficulty getting my clinicals done.

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    From what I have read and know from personal experience, this is the norm. I went through my states APN society to locate people nearby. I also contacted several people whom I knew personally. It is best to line up several people early - preferably an entire semester early so that if any emergencies come up, you have an alternative plan. Good luck. I live in central IL (noticed you were from the Midwest) if I can help.
  4. by   llg
    You are asking a very good question. I think the current situation is one of the big scandals in nursing education today. Schools accept students into their programs, take the students' money, and then expect the student to find a teacher for themselves -- someone who is willing to provide the student with a free preceptorship. This happens in "brick and mortar" programs as well as with online programs.

    Now, if you happen to live and work in an area with a shortage of NP's, you might not have trouble finding someone to precept you -- particularly if you sign a contract to work for them after graduation. However, I live in an area that has an over-supply of NP's. Yet, the local schools keep accepting students into their programs. The poor students can't find preceptors because there are too many students knocking at the door trying to find someone to take them on. I feel really sorry for the students.

    I would look into the situation in your local area and get a committment from a preceptor before you invest a lot of time and money into the program. You "investigation" will also give you valuable information about your local job market.

    Good luck,
  5. by   br107
    is this the norm for direct entry msn programs too?
    whats the situation for direct entry msn in california?
  6. by   CardioTrans
    My program required me to find my own preceptor as well. We have one NP clinic here close to me. However, I chose to precept with the doctor that I see. I had an appt with him for a follow up and asked him at the end of the visit if he would be willing to precept me. His comment "Oh, that would be great". So preceptor found.

    Unfortunately, I cant do all of my clinicals with him as he doesnt do OB/GYN things. Out of my total 750 hrs, I have to have 100 OB/GYN, 100 peds, and 100 Metabolic disorders.