NP or Nursing Informatics? Please advice

  1. Hello all,

    I hope I didn't post this on the wrong forum and if so admin do please move to correct one. I used to be here often when I was going through nursing school as this is the best nursing forum for help and guidance. I have since graduated with my Associate Degree, got my RN license, completed my RN to BSN this past Spring and have 5 years of nursing experience under my belt. I could not thank you enough the community here for the encouragements and guidance.

    I am contemplating continuing with my nursing education and is at a fork and needed guidance and advice as to which path to choose. My dilemma is should I go for my NP or should I go for Nursing Informatics? I have a second Bachelor of Science in IT before I switched to Nursing so I am familiar and is comfortable with technology and such. I heard from a friend of mine that is currently doing her NP that its harder and harder to find a Doctor or Practitioner to be under. What should I do? Please advice and comment. I appreciate any response and I thank you in advance.
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    Informatics and NP are two different roles. Which one appeals to your more? Which one works better with your life and life goals? Your interests?
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    Moved to Post-Grad forum. Best wishes with your decision.
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    Where is Post-Grad located?
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    Thanks Verene,

    I am leaning towards Informatics but wonder if the job market is there. Where or how should I proceed?
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    Quote from nosajkom
    Thanks Verene,

    I am leaning towards Informatics but wonder if the job market is there. Where or how should I proceed?
    Might I suggest you contact and/or apply to your selected choice of educational institutions, speak to an advisor, and express to him or her your dilemma. Each institution has graduate nursing core courses that must be completed.

    So, depending on the institution, you may have the option of delaying your specialty decision (or changing it) by the time your specialty courses begin. Keep in mind that if you delay or make changes, you may be required to take an additional course or two as curriculum changes may occur while you twiddle your thumbs. ;-) An advisor can tell you more.

    Side note: you have an obvious interest in technology. I'd do the Informatics degree if I were you.
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    Quote from nosajkom
    Where is Post-Grad located?

    It's under the "nursing student" category; your post is already there, so you are in the forum.