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  1. by   gigi1990
    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has applied for Direct Entry MSN for Summer 2015?
  2. by   MME20
    Quote from gigi1990
    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has applied for Direct Entry MSN for Summer 2015?
    I did! Just playing the waiting game now
  3. by   gigi1990
    Me too, I am guessing you did not hear any news yet? I am hoping within the next few weeks to hear something, hopefully good news!
  4. by   MME20
    Not yet! On the other thread for this cycle, someone said they asked the school and the first round of acceptances are expected to go out the first week of March or so. In previous years, acceptances went out as early as mid feb. I'm super anxious and hope we find out sooner than March! It's hard waiting
  5. by   gigi1990
    Omg! I was expecting to know by the end of te month. I am also very anxious to find out, MU is my first choice! Do you know how many ppl applied this term?
  6. by   MME20
    I have no idea. I have been tempted to send an email to ask, but they have to be so busy right now that I decided not to bother them. Trying to be patient, but it's a struggle . I did have some conversations with Karen Nest several months ago and she said they get anywhere from 100-200+ applicants typically.
  7. by   gigi1990
    Oh wow that is a lot of people. Well hopefully we hear something soon! Did you apply to other programs?
  8. by   MME20
    I'm getting nervous because I know that in previous cycles they've heard as early as this week, so now I'll be obsessively checking my email everyday :P. And yes, I applied to a couple of others. My husband just started med school in the Chicago area this year, so it limited where I could apply. I had a chance to visit Marquette this past summer and I really loved it. I also like that the program starts in May, so I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed for good news. How about you?
  9. by   gigi1990
    Oh wow well congrats to him, that is amazing! I actually tried applying around the Midwest as well, I have applied to MU, UIC, Rush, and Millikin University. ( Millikin is in Dectaur and I actually got in their CNL program, they are also on rolling admissions and a small prigram if anyone is interested.) I have also applied to NYU, University of Miami, Seton Hall and University of Rochester. (I got accepted into their program as well) however, I would love to go to MU and I am checking my mail every 5 minutes! I jut hope I hear soon!
  10. by   MME20
    Sorry I didn't see this sooner! And WOW! Congratulations on getting in to a couple of programs already. Very exciting and a relief I'm sure! Unfortunately, applying Millikin would be too far of a commute for my husband and I, even if we moved to a more midway point. I hope you continue to get good news! I applied to UIC, Elmhurst, and Depaul. I have an interview for UIC, but I haven't heard anything back from the other programs yet. Hopefully we will hear back soon! We could hear back from Marquette any day now. I know in the past they have said end of Feb, but ended up sending emails mid Feb. I'm hoping that will be the case again
  11. by   soni7
    It's so hard to wait! I recently got accepted to Elmhurst's program! Let me know if you have any questions about the interview MME20!
  12. by   soni7
    Also, I have my uic interview this friday the 20th!
  13. by   MME20
    That's so exciting! Congrats! It's nice knowing you are for sure accepted into a program . Where does Elmhurst rank on your list? Did you like the program? I actually submitted my application for that one on the Jan. 31st deadline and haven't heard back, so I'm thinking I probably didn't get an interview there. Good luck on your interview this week! I picked The March 9th date