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  1. Hey guys, I didn't see a thread for Marquette's direct entry MSN program for fall 2018 so I figured I'd start one. I just submitted my app for the PP location today for their spring admission, but I am also applying to Marquette's traditional program for fall 2018. Do they review applications based off date submitted or date verified?

    Hope to start school with some of you soon!
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  3. by   halle092
    Hi! I also am interested and have applied to Marquette MSN. I want to do the program that starts in May. Do you mind me asking your application stats? I am so nervous and would love to go there.
  4. by   arani92

    I'm applying to both their Pleasant Prairie location which starts in January, and their traditional campus location which starts in May. My GPA is roughly a 3.3, and I have pretty extensive healthcare experience. My GRE scores are around the 61st percentile for both verbal and quant, and 98th percentile (5.5) for the writing portion. My science grades are the only thing I'm worried about as I was a biology major for the first two years of my undergrad, and I got a few Cs which I'm worried may come back to haunt me. I'm just waiting on two of my letter writers to submit their evaluations and then hopefully my application can be reviewed. I submitted it on 9/25 but I don't know if they go in order of the submission date or the verification date.

    Fingers crossed!
  5. by   halle092
    I believe they review it in waves and not actually each individual application. When I met with Taylor, she said the first wave of applications would be reviewed in November. So I assumed that it was all applications that were submitted up to that point! Your stats look good to me, and yes fingers crossed! I am so excited to hear back, I feel like that is all I think about!
  6. by   imadoll1980
    I'd love to go to Marquette, but I need online. I plan to go to St. Francis in Joliet, Illonois and have also applied. I'm waiting for my letter of recommendation to be received. Marquette, also does not have the specialty I want as I'd like to pursue pyschiatric. I can't go to Alverno as I'm a RN with a bachelor's in another field which they do not accept. Sorry to jump on this thread. It was nice to see some people close to home on here. I live 1 hour north of Milwaukee.
  7. by   arani92
    Well good luck to you! I'm sure you'll do fine. If I get accepted into Marquette's DE, I'll more than likely stay there for my post-master's for Acute Care NP. There's even a critical care fellowship for NPs in Milwaukee that I have my eye on, but I'm trying not to look too far ahead here haha. What city are you from? I grew up in Milwaukee but just recently moved to Franklin. Which isn't too far of a change haha.
  8. by   arani92
    I think you're correct. The PP deadline is 11/15, and I think they're already reviewing applications. I just need my last letter writer to submit their letter and two of my transcripts to get verified. The rest is done, but the waiting part is killing me. I haven't submitted my Milwaukee app yet because I want to wait until everything gets submitted. My hope is that I can submit that one before the end of the month so I get included in the first pool of applicants. I understand the Milwaukee campus has rolling admissions, so the earlier you get your app in the better. Maybe we'll be in the program together!
  9. by   chicoperson
    I am getting very anxious to hear back! I talked with Taylor at the Milwaukee location and she said they were doing the first round of reviews in "early November". She said that they also reserved the right to not make a decision at that time.

    I applied for the PP location as well, and I think the second round of decisions is being made 11/28. We should know very quickly whether we are accepted or not.

    Does anyone have an idea of how many apps they typically get?
  10. by   halle092
    Yes me too, it's so nerve wrecking. The Milwaukee on site program typically receives 100-200 apps each year according to their FAQ's on the site page. There isn't enough data supposedly on the PP program according to that information. I know they have 56 spots for the Milwaukee program which seems like pretty good stats if they have 100-200 apps. I think PP has 28 spots.

    Did you only apply to PP?
  11. by   arani92
    PP is reviewing applications on 11/28, and they already had a review in September, so I'd say half the seats are already filled (just overestimating). Last I spoke to Kelly, there was about 24 seats each semester, unless they added a few more. The Milwaukee site does rolling admissions, so the sooner your app gets verified, the better chance you have of getting accepted is my take (considering you are fairly competitive). My application was verified on 10/19 for PP and the Milwaukee site, so I've just been trying to calm myself down and wait for an answer lol. I was told PP would send out an email 10 business days after the review on 11/28 to the email you used for your NursingCAS app, but does the Milwaukee site do the same?
  12. by   Sarbla
    Hi guys!

    I received an acceptance to start in August of 2018 at the PP location. I applied for the January start date, but it seems like they pushed some people to start in August. Did anyone else get accepted for the August start?
  13. by   halle092
    Has anyone heard back from the MSN DE Milwaukee site yet? I know the application is open until the 15th of December but I'm just wondering if any decisions have been made yet.
  14. by   arani92
    I haven't gotten a decision yet for the Milwaukee site :/ I was kind of hoping I would have heard back by now.

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