Has anyone done George Washington University Online Program?!?!

  1. Hi I was wondering if anyone has actually started or finished GWU Online Family Nurse Practitioner program and could give me any insight into how the program was? I was also curious if anyone did the program and was an out of state student (not in the DC/Virginia area) and how it went for you? Thank you!
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  3. by   Calibean
    I am finishing the FNP program at GWU in less than 8 weeks!!! It is a very good program, but obviously has been very challenging. I live in Maryland, 1 1/2 hours (without traffic) from GW. I have had to have 3 visits to campus during the program and site visits from professors to me at clinicals (only one although some students need additional site visits). As with any online program, setting up the clinicals is the most challenging part for the majority of students. I thankfully had no issues with this. I will caution you that some schools (such as Georgetown who set up clinicals) end up having to place their students quite far away from their homes. I worked with a student from Georgetown who was commuting 2 1/2 hours each way to her clinical site. I set up my own clinicals and never went more than 25 minutes from my house. As far as the program goes. Tons of reading, discussion board, group projects, papers, masters portfolio and 750 clinical hours which all equal a ton of work. I have found the majority of the professors to be top notch and incredibly responsive to my questions. I will be going to Haiti this summer with a program from GW which is mostly covered by the university. I felt that the tuition was well worth it, the SON is one of the least expensive programs at GW and about $1000 less PER CREDIT HOUR than Georgetown. Calculated out is was about $4000 more expensive than University of Maryland (which would have required me to travel). Also, after having participated in graduation this weekend, the distinction or being part of graduation on the National Mall in DC (we are the only University who can graduate on the mall) was pretty amazing. Let me know if you are looking for more specific info.
  4. by   tachybradyRN
    I'm looking into applying for their FNP program in Fall 2014. I'm wondering if you can tell me.. those 750 clinical hours, are they all during the NP/MS section of the program? Or spread across the three years? And also, are you allowed to set clinicals at the hospital you work at or do you need to pick another hospital? I'm in Maryland as well, working as an ASN in the ICU setting. Thanks!
  5. by   Calibean
    If you are doing the part time program MSN-FNP program you will not start clinical hours until the Spring of your 2nd year - you will have 75 hours during Health Assessment - these hours count as part of your adult hours. The rest of the clinical hours will all be in your last year in FNP I, FNP II, and FNP III. You must do at least 200-250 hours to progress from one class to another. The hours are broken down as follows; 250 adult hours (internal), 250 family hours, 150 pediatric hours and 100 OB hours. If you are doing the DNP program, I am not sure how the hours break down in that program. I know there are restrictions about doing clinical hours where you work, but I think if you are in a different part of the hospital and not doing them directly in the unit you work for you will probably be okay - I think the concern is mainly that clinicals are your time to be a student and learn how to function in a new and different role and if you are on your unit you will step in in as a nurse when necessary. You must have a contract with every site and it can take up to 2 months to complete the contract so also keep that in mind. I did not do any hours at a hospital, all at private practices as this is the role I will go into when I finish.
  6. by   tachybradyRN
    Thanks for your response! How did you complete your hours? Did you follow someone for 2- 8 hour shifts a week? Or some other way? Just trying to picture how I would be able to get everything done. Did you work full time while in the program? I'm thinking I could stay full time status through the BSN part, but for the MSN/FNP part I might need to work per diem in order to have enough time for school work and clinicals as well. Thanks again for all your help!
  7. by   LKWalters22
    Thank you for your response!! You have been so helpful! When you get a chance could you elaborate a bit on the group projects? How many and what did they entail. Did you have to meet with your group or did you do projects mostly by email and phone, etc? What exactly is the masters portfolio. How hard was it being in Maryland? I'm actually in the middle of the country, Oklahoma, and there aren't a lot of programs here so many of the nurses do online programs. I'm originally from the DC area so I'm fine coming there & GWU offers a RN to MSN for non-nursing bachelors (there aren't a lot in the country that do this) which I've talked to the admissions people about but wanted to get a personal perspective from an actual student doing the online program! I would have to fly there several times during the program, I'm aware & I'm ok with that, but how often did you feel that you actually needed to go and talk with the professors one on one? Thank you so much!!
  8. by   Calibean
    Group projects did not need to be done in person but were usually done through e-mail, file sharing or when necessary Skype. I would say that there was at least one group project a semester with some classes requiring more. Not really a big deal and I found that everyone stepped up and did their part. The master's portfolio is done through your classes. So, the resume that you develop in your leadership class is posted to the portfolio, your huge research project is posted to your portfolio etc. so there is really nothing that needs done at the end of the program if you have been keeping up with it. I occasionally felt the need to speak with professors and never had a problem setting up a one on one phone call time. I also was able to reach a professor when I had an urgent situation come up with my clinicals immediately.

    As far as how I completed my hours, I went to school full-time and did not work so completing hours was fairly easy for me. Depending on who my preceptor was I followed them for 2-3 days a week and worked the hours they worked which ranged from 8-10 hour shifts usually. I took most school breaks off so I didn't not have to pay for someone to watch my kids.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
  9. by   Misty1334
    @calibean - how many times did you have to visit campus?
  10. by   Calibean

    I visited campus three times during my two year program. The summer before I began, the summer between the 1st and 2nd year and then at the beginning of summer prior to my last summer class of the program which coincides with GWs graduation weekend and we participate in graduation ceremonies.
  11. by   Crux1024
    Hello all,

    I am also looking to GWU FNP program, thinking about applying for Fall 2014. How long did the program take? Some things say 2 years some say 3 years. I know not a big difference, but I'm just wondering. I would have to work during the program, so part time would be the way to go for myself.

    Any insight, tips, warnings other than whats already been shared; id be glad to hear them.

    (Not meaning to thread jack, but I figured this was the thread to respond to )
  12. by   rn.network
    I wanted to see if there is anyone has applied for the Fall 2014 AG-PCNP program...

  13. by   tachybradyRN
    Not AG-PCNP, but I applied for ADN-BSN-FNP 2014
  14. by   rn.network
    Quote from tachybradyRN
    Not AG-PCNP, but I applied for ADN-BSN-FNP 2014
    I missed the deadline on FNP..
    Glad to hear from someone else... Iive been told it's a really good program.. Do you have any idea what the timeline on decisions ?