ELM Program: UCLA vs CSULB

  1. I have been very fortunate to have been accepted into:
    1) UCLA's Masters Entry-Level Clinical Nursing (MECN) program
    2) CSU Long Beach Entry-Level Masters (ELM) program

    Given these great opportunities I must now think very critically about the school I choose to attend.

    Nursing symbolizes a career change for me. I was involved in Kinesiology (mainly research and teaching), and I loved it. A poor job market has inspired to try this new field. Having worked in psychiatric hospitals and outpatient clinics, I now believe the nursing discipline is right for me.

    Here's the problem. What school to choose?

    UCLA (Pros): name recognition; superior facilities and likely great opportunities for research and networking; only a 2 year program
    UCLA (Cons): more costly (approx 50k in fees/tuition); nurse generalist with Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL)

    CSULB (Pros): cheaper (approx 40k in fees/tuition); advanced practice nurse (NP or CNS);
    CSULB (Cons): perhaps less name recognition and facilities available; 3 year program

    Both programs seem great, but as someone who has already been through "the system" of education and has acquired student loan debt in past programs, the greater promise of 1) flourishing job market; 2) income; 3) flexibility to maneuver within various subspecialties of nursing are the three major long-term qualities that will make or break the school that I choose.

    I'd like to know specifically what human resources personell or hiring folk are looking for? the job outlook for nurse generalists vs advance practice? whether name recognition of graduating institution makes a difference?

    I've looked into all of these things as unbiased as possible; however, I'm as lost now as I was then. I'd love to receive feedback from current nurses, students, hiring folk (e.g. HR), or anyone with a valid opinion that might be able to help shed light on my circumstances.

    Much obliged,

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  3. by   GOODMED
    i believe ucla also offer np

    master of science in nursing - advanced practice

    [color=#358eff]program description

    the school of nursing offers a two-year course of graduate study leading to the master of science in nursing (m.s.n.) designed to prepare registered nurses with a bachelor's degree in nursing for advanced practice. the m.s.n. advanced practice/postlicensure program prepares nurse administrators, nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists. students in the m.s.n. advanced practice program contribute to improving nursing care through research, which includes analysis, articulation, and documentation of the nursing process. the curriculum is designed for students to obtain theoretical and practical knowledge of the foundations for specialized practice, as well as an opportunity to implement that knowledge through advanced clinical practice. each area of specialization has requirements over and above the minimum core requirements for the degree.

    advanced practice specialties offered through the ucla school of nursing are as follows:
    nursing administration
    adult/gerontology primary care
    adult/gerontology acute care population
    family population
  4. by   danceluver
    @Bpusicu---what did you end up choosing?

    @Goodmed: CSULB is direct entry so you don't have to reapply for their NP program, UCLA they prefer work experience before applying for their NP program and its a separate application. I think that's the difference the OP was hitting at.
  5. by   Malefocker
    I'm currently in the ELM program at CSULB curious to what program you chose?
  6. by   bttr2beanurse

    I am looking at applying to the CSULB ELM Program for 2013, however I haven't finished my last science pre-req. They say that you can still apply with 1 pre-req. in progress but they will count it as a C. If I have a 4.0 in all my other pre-reqs. is there a good possibility I will still have a chance at getting in even if they count the pre-req in progress as a C?!! Please help, I am really starting to wonder!
  7. by   Malefocker
    You can definitely still get in with a C in progress especially if all of your other grades are A's which it sounds like they are. All that really matters is your overall score... I would say as long as you have over a 9.0 then it is worth putting in your application... it is competitive but for some like myself the fact that it is completely GPA based and TEAS score based is actually nice. Anyway take the TEAS V and do well on it because it is heavily weighed especially the math part. Good luck... and honestly if you are a 4.0 student and do well on the TEAS even with a C there is a very good chance you will get in. I remember being in your shoes and worrying so much.. I ended up getting into 3 different nursing school and I didn't have a 4.0. Anyway good luck if you have anymore questions please feel free to ask.