Direct Entry Psych MH NP programs

  1. Hi, I have been reading and researching for a while. I am interested in going back to school to become a PsychMH NP. I would really prefer a direct entry program as I already have a masters degree in counseling and a license as an LPC, so far I have found.

    Vanderbilt University
    Seattle University
    Boston College
    University of Pennslyvania

    Can anyone provide some other suggestions for schools that have direct entry PsychMH NP programs. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   PICURN74
    It isn't another school but I really liked the Penn program, although the NP part is new as they recently were a CNS program.
  4. by   PsyKardinal
    Quote from PICURN74
    It isn't another school but I really liked the Penn program, although the NP part is new as they recently were a CNS program.

    I would love to hear more about what made the Penn program special to you. Going to this school would put me close to family and that is an important consideration for me.

  5. by   PsyKardinal
    Adding University of Washington to the list.
  6. by   lc3
    Quote from PsyKardinal
    Adding University of Washington to the list.

    Hi, PsyKardinal,

    I was accepted into UW's program. I must say though this program is really competitive (I was orginally waitlisted) They accept only 24 students per year and 3-4 spots are reserved for Psych students. I personally never thought I would get in. Anyhow, if you have an specfic questions about this program feel free to ask me.

    I was also accepted into Seattle U's Psych NP program as well. However, my whole application process with them was horrible. The school is pretty unorganized but overall the the program looks ok. They accept about 45 students per year--and 10-15 spots are for the Psych students. The rest are for the Family NP students (that is the most popular area).

    Other DE programs is OHSU in Portland OR, University of Rochester, NY (excellent reputation), UCSF (highly competitive though) and John Hopkins.
  7. by   hb97
    First off, Ic3 congrats on your acceptance to UW's MEPN program!! I was wondering, what is your prior experience/background in psych?
  8. by   lc3
    Hi Hb97,

    Thanks! I thought I would never get in because it is so competitive. It was definitely my "reach school".

    Anyhow, back to your question. My experience in psych is working with substance abuse clients that have co-occuring mental health issues. I work in a substance abuse detox unit working with injection drug users as a case manager/research assistant. I also lead workshops on UW's campus about alcohol abuse with college students. I also volunteered at children's hospitial in the impatient psych unit working with kids that have eating disorders and behavioral issues.

    So, all my experiences have been in psych and mostly addictive behaviors. The psych np route is the perfect for since I really want to work in health care but also address mental health issues as well.
  9. by   mona b RN
    You may want to check out University of Delaware and Drexel University. Also, check out Ball State and UMDNJ.

    Best of luck to you.
  10. by   czyja
    Check out Yale, Penn, Columbia, and UCSF. Good luck!
  11. by   PsyKardinal
    Thanks for all of the replies. I really appreicate everyone for providing some great ideas.

  12. by   romie
    Greetings! I am entering my second "semester" (full time summer studies) at the University of Illinois at Chicago. They have an excellent graduate entry program and I am in their PMHNP speciality. They rank #3 in NIH funding--they have about 500 masters degree nursing students and over 100 PhD nursing students. Dr. Schneider, who is head of the PMHNP program, is one of the contributors of the document "Pscyhiatric Mental Health Nurse Pracititioner Competencies" for the organization of NP faculties in Washington DC.

    It is an excellent program, well respected within the state and nationally recognized as a top College of Nursing (we are listed as #3 in NIH funding and for midwifery) UW and UCSF are pretty much the only schools with even more prestigous reputations.

    The faculty are always available, it is footsteps from the Loop in Chicago, I can't believe how much fun and how hard and amazing the program is!

    Good luck to you and congrats to all of you in all of your programs.
  13. by   AK556 APRN
    Don't go to Yale
  14. by   abend
    Seattle U. wanted me to take ALL of the prerequisites over because it's been more than 10 years. I'm sorry, if I get an A after re-taking Anatomy, Physiology, Developmental Psych, Microbiology, and Organic Chemistry... you have the gall to tell me that I need to go back and take Bio 101? I think not. My bachelor's degree just didn't expire after 10 years!