Current Post-Grads: How many credit hours could you take while working full time?

  1. If you are an MSN student, and are currently working full-time as an RN, how many credit hours per semester do you generally end up taking to go for that MSN degree?

    Is it possible to take a full time load and work full time as well?

    I understand that some MSN programs can be finished in 2 years if you're a full-time student, but wouldn't employers want you to work at least part-time while you were pursuing your MSN degree?
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  3. by   mom2cka
    I've taken a max of 8, and that's been tough - if I can get 12 hour shifts, it might be easier, and I'm hoping to do that, with a possible short term LOA by the time I do my clinicals. This semester I'm taking 4 (advanced pharm) and am glad I didn't pile on another so that I can focus on this one. It's going to take me 4 years to finish school, and I'm OK with that - and my school is very supportive of adjustments to allow me to do so.
  4. by   UVA Grad Nursing
    Most students in our MSN program work full-time, and take two didactic classes (6 credits) per semester. On a rare occasion, we have a student who works fulltime and goes to school full-time.

    The last time we had a full/full student was 2007. She worked three 12s a week, was in class 2-3 days a week, and spent the 7th day reading/writing. She was single with no family, no dating or social life for those two years, and saw her parents/siblings only at Christmas.
  5. by   AbeFrohman
    When I was working on my ACNP, I did full time work and full time school for the first semester. Some weeks sucked and I did nothing but work and study, some weeks I felt it was pretty easy. When next semester came though and I figured I would just take it easy and went 2 classes.
  6. by   jkpowell23
    I have taken 6 hours and worked 3 12's per week. I also have 5 kids, and a hubby that works full time. I would not be able to do much more than that (and pass!!). Do keep in mind that most grad programs do not accept "C's". At USA you are allowed one C. If you make another one, you have to retake that class (offered only once per year), if you make a third C, you are dismissed from the program.

    I would rather go slowly and make good grades than to try and rush through it and risk the bad grades.

    Just my opinion!
  7. by   shah
    I am still with the didactic part and take only one course or 3-4 credit hours per semester. Even that is difficult as I teach and have to prepare for class too.

    To those who are into preceptorship, is it easier to do two didactic courses, or one didactic and one clinical?