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  1. by   whatshesaid
    I just dropped off my enrollment deposit!! It is a nice feeling....

    Does anyone know if there are gym facilities on campus for those of us not in the dorms?

    I also wanted to share something I just found out about Financial Aid. I took out a private loan and was informed that the funds would be disbursed directly to the school. I call Oscar and asked when I would be able to access those funds and he said to expect those funds in the MIDDLE of June. You can pick up your check at the Cashier's office on the first day of class, June 2nd, but it may take up to 2 weeks for the check to clear, depending on your bank.

    I asked Oscar if there was any way to get an advance, and he said no. When I asked what other students did in this situation, he said they "borrowed the money." Hmmm, Ok. Borrow the money until you're borrowed money comes through...Sigh.

    I was shocked at this, considering June Rent, utilities and BOOKS, would all have to be paid for before or near the 2nd of June. Maybe this is pretty standard, but I know it threw my budget for the next few months out of whack a little.
  2. by   PsychMaven
    I was wondering what the move-in date for summer housing is if you are able to get a spot. The housing papers say May so I assume the entire month, but I kind of expected move-ins to be right before orientation...I don't know why they would expect us to move in a month early to attend a program that already begins a mere 4 months after sending out acceptance letters. I need to tell my landlord what date my boyfriend and I hope to break our lease on and find a sublet for them (I love my landlords). I definitely can't pay double rent for May and am stressing a bit, does anyone know the policy?
  3. by   i heart NY
    Hi WhatSheSaid!

    All full-time students on the Medical Campus have access to the Bard Athletic Center. They have treadmills, bikes, a pool, squash (? or raquetball) courts, basketball courts, spinning room, etc.

    They do offer aerobics and spin classes, but we would have to pay! I think it's $35/month for the classes.

    Also, on the website, it indicated that gym was built before central air conditioning was available, so the gym is not airconditioned, "but temperatures can get unpleasant in the summer months. Care should be taken when scheduling summer work outs."

    You can also pay for membership to the larger athletic facilities on the main Morningside Campus.

    (I'm thinking of investing membership in New York Sports Clubs or something).
  4. by   dg05
    Alexandria - no worries. You're not allowed to move in until labor day weekend so they don't expect you to pay for the entire month. Also, for people in the dorms, the first month's rent isn't due until a little later (like early July).
  5. by   fnp4me
    Dg05, is Bard Hall paid monthly or in a lump sum along with tuition at the beginning of the semester?

    Also, does anyone know if the admission response needs to be postmarked on March 14 or arrive at their office on March 14?

    Is anything else due besides the admission response and financial aid response? I am out of town for spring break and don't have access to some of the documents that were sent like the uniform and supplies order forms to see when they are due.

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  6. by   whatshesaid
    I'm not sure if they need to be post marked or in the office by the 14th, but I do know that the uniforms and supply order forms are also due tomorrow.

    I had to fax a few things in to financial aid today. If you are paying by credit car, they can probably accept the uniform sheet(due to Columbia) and supplies form (due to Steeles Supply Company, not the school) by fax.

    Hope this helps.
  7. by   dg05
    Bard hall rent is paid monthly.
  8. by   kris.cams
    well, hello. i'm not usually one for message boards, but this seems like a happenin' place to be.

    sooo, i just sent in all my paperwork (guess it's official... really pumped about my purple bandage scissors) and am planning on moving to the city beginning/mid-may. a tad bit nervous since i have NO clue what's a good area. my girlfriend and i are planning on living together somewhere easy enough for her to get to the Path and me to get to school. i really have no idea what that means... but if anyone else does, i'd really appreciate any convenient, not-crazy-expensive, off-campus housing suggestions?

    i'll be PedOnc speciality.. really excited about the program slash nervous about life in the city and the possibility of having no money for food. i'm working on my street gig for spare change.. let me know if you want in.. kidding.

    excited to meet you all... ~KC <-- well, isnt that convenient?
  9. by   PurpleBee
    Hi guys,
    I was wondering when most students head to NY in May.
    I'll most likely arrive during the Memorial Day weekend, Monday (26) or Tuesday (27). If anyone is interested in sharing a taxi that day (of course if we can manage to arrive pretty much at the same time - 1h window), please PM me so I can buy my ticket soon. I will most likely fly to La Guardia Airport and taxi I'm guessing will be around $50, divide by 2 = 25 per person. One can also take public transportation for only $2, but it'll be very difficult if you have a lot of luggage (there are only stairs to get to the subway --it's a killer). Thanks
  10. by   LovetoTravel2001
    I called the housing office a few days ago to ask when move-in day is for on-campus housing so I could book our flight out there/moving truck and not have lag time where we have to pay for a hotel, etc. At first they told me May 27 and I had to ask they guy if he was sure because school starts May 28... he then transferred me to someone else in the office and she told me that the couples housing move-in date is anytime after May 15. I'm super nervous to book a flight and have our stuff shipped until I see this in writing given it took two people to tell me that and neither one seemed to know too much about it... any past students know when move in date is for couples housing? When do we find out if we even got it?
  11. by   NPinNYC
    Hey guys! This is kind of a random post, but it may help someone out... regarding all white shoes... I went to Century 21 yesterday and was surprised to find a selection of all white sneakers in the sneaker dept. I got solid white reebox with no logo for $29, in a half size no less. They also had Tommy Hilfiger and Lacoste all white sneakers, minus the little alligator logo which can be covered with tape. Just a heads of for those of us in NYC. Ladies, sorry but i didn't check the women's dept.
    For those of you moving to NYC, at the meet and greet the off campus housing lady said to be VERY wary of craigslist. However, I have moved around A LOT and used craigslist many times with no problem. Just have your head screwed on when writing checks and get a lease in person.
    Very excited to start on the 28th! - Bryan
  12. by   PurpleBee
    Hello, Hello,
    So, I am already making plans for the 1 month break in August. Eager to buy the flight ticket to Europe, I decided to call Judy and see when we finish the summer semester and when we start the fall semester. Judy told me that we might have the finals on the week of 4th of August... but because she was not sure, she transfered me to someone else who told me the LAST day of classes, including the final week is the 1st of August, and we return to school right after Labor Day (September 2nd). Yet, these dates are subject to change and we'll know for sure during orientation in May. What happened last year? The ETPs had one month vacation? 10x
  13. by   smit1989
    Does anyone know if we can wear crocs if they are the all white ones with no holes??