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So where are the potential 2008 Columbia ETPers at? I think a handful of regulars around here have Columbia on their list of apps, so heres a thread to get us through until notifications in Spring... Read More

  1. by   Asherah
    There are no interviews (as based on the past candidates posts on previous threads last go 'round) and notifications are made in February. Obviously the best way to confirm these details would be to email or phone the CU SON.
  2. by   coopsc1
    Hello all, I received an email from the school stating that a file was being created for my application. It also stated that I would receive an email by December 1st stating whether or not my application would be sent to the admissions department for further review. Did anyone else get this email? I took the GRE on the 12th of this month, so I don't think that they could have received my scores yet.

    One more thing, did any of you go to one of the information sessions? Do you think it was very helpful and did you get to meet some the faculty/admissions people? Did you think it was somewhat like an interview process where they can put a face to the name, or were there just a ton of people there and you were a just a face in the crowd?

    Many thanks, Scott
  3. by   Asherah
    I received a confirmation email, however they did not reference December 1st, only stating that once the application is deemed complete (upon review) it will be forwarded to the AdCom. Also it stated that decisions will be posted via US mail the first week of February.

    Im here on the west coast and did not make it out to any of the info sessions, thought Id wait to make a lengthy trip out until notifications were made.

    Good luck!
  4. by   PsychMaven
    I actually came on today to see if I could start a new space for people applying to ETP/MEP programs and happened to see this thread, so thanks! I am finishing up my BS in Psych. from Northeastern U. in Boston and am planning to stay in psych. I am definitely feeling the pressure having put in my application at BC and Columbia so far. I am still planning to apply to MGH's program in January, but NYUs program is a different concept (you go in as a transfer in an accelerated program, 15 mo. and then apply for the NP portion while you are finishing)...its the same principal, just packaged differently. If I am accepted to one of the other schools I don't think I will get a chance to apply there so it's kind of my "back-up".

    I was wondering what the program schedule was like, so thanks dg05...I have a much better idea of what I would be getting myself into. Are you enrolled at Columbia right now? After reading through old posts about the various masters entry programs I have heard the good and the awful and I would love to hear what some people in the midst of it all have to say. I keep wondering what my actual chances of getting into these programs is, being hopeful, but afraid to count my chickens. Does anyone know how many ETP students they many for psych.? I've heard that psych. is a less frequently chosen specialty, but I have no idea. Nice to hear from other people in the same boat as me, fingers crossed for all of us. ~Alexandria
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  5. by   dg05
    Alexandria, I am enrolled at Columbia right now. I'm in the middle of my ETP year. No one really knows how they select people - we're all varied. I think they probably chose people who are interesting and who show promise but who are not necessarily the head of the class. I bombed my GREs for example.

    I love Columbia but a lot of people are frustrated and I can see why. I knew what I was getting into when I chose an accelerated program -- Columbia has very limited goals in the first year -- preparing us to pass the NCLEX so we can go on to be great NPs who do interesting and important work. That means that we don't get to dive very deeply into things and we don't have a lot of time to absorb information. It sticks, and I know 10 times the amount I did when I started, but like any new nurse, I will need the orientation I receive at the hospital.

    The administration is also very frustrating at times but if you learn to accept that and expect the worst, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

    There were 184 people accepted this year. I don't know if they'll do that again because seems to be more than the number of clinical placements allows.

  6. by   PsychMaven
    Thanks so much dg!
    It definitely puts my fears to rest knowing that you are enjoying Columbia despite flaws that I definitely accept are going to be in any relatively new and accelerated program. I am currently at a school where the admin. is terribly disconnected, something which I was warned about before I chose this school, and I guess it was expecting the worst (as you said) that left me pleasantly surprised in the end. I know that the work will be incredibly demanding, but hearing that it is still manageable makes me feel so much better.

    I can't believe they accepted 184 people! I think they only accept something like 40 people at Boston College, so that makes me feel a bit more hopeful! My stats are decent, I am finishing my BS in Psych. and currently have a 3.7 GPA, I got a 610 verbal, a 680 quantitative, and a 5 for the writing on my GREs. I got A's in the prereqs. that they will be seeing at the initial review, but may be getting a B in A&P II this semester. I have been working at McLean Psych. Hospital as a Mental Health Specialist for the past year and have worked as a Residential Counselor at group homes for both co-occurring diagnosis (substance abuse and mental illness) and a DBT house solely for women with Borderline Personality Disorder (and all the fun that comes with personality personal favorite).

    I got an amazing reference from a Psych. NP that I worked with at McLean and its the only reference I read, but if the other two are half as nice it should serve me well. I feel pretty confident about my essay given that I had so much to write about from my work experiences...and I think I was able to make it interesting considering the drama that goes on regularly in psych. I don't know if you know any of the psych. people, but any thoughts on whether I have a good chance or not? I've been so intimidated applying to these programs hoping that I'm not beat by Harvard grad.s with 4.0's and a slew of worldly tales to tell. Thanks so much, you have been so helpful! ~Alexandria
  7. by   Asherah
    Quote from Alexandria8
    My stats are decent, I am finishing my BS in Psych. and currently have a 3.7 GPA, I got a 610 verbal, a 680 quantitative, and a 5 for the writing on my GREs. I got A's in the prereqs. that they will be seeing at the initial review, but may be getting a B in A&P II this semester.

    Your stats are much more than just plain decent! Remember that these programs are looking for the well-rounded person (as cliche at it sounds), and you sound as if you have the whole package, academics, and a ton of experience in your specialty field. Good luck and keep us posted!
  8. by   coopsc1
    Hey guys, I am attending an information session this Friday and if anyone has any questions I can try to get some answers. This is my first trip to New York and I am hoping that it will not be too overwhelming. I have everything mapped out, so hopefully I will not get lost...

    Thanks guys, Scott
  9. by   Asherah
    I just noticed that they extended the application deadline until December 15th, I wonder if they weren't receiving enough apps that they felt the need to extend by a month?
  10. by   Asherah
    Quote from dg05
    After that we graduate (not an official school graduation but a school of nursing "white coat ceremony") and have a week break and then start our NP portion. Each NP program takes a different amount of time (from 1 - 2 years).

    Hope this helps.


    Would you be able to let us know if they have officially changed the timeline that I've heard rumored for a year now, in terms of holding off on conferring the BSN upon completion of the MSN portion? Or do they confer the BSN at the white coat ceremony?
  11. by   byrd262
    Quote from Asherah
    I just noticed that they extended the application deadline until December 15th, I wonder if they weren't receiving enough apps that they felt the need to extend by a month?
    They really should have sent out an email to those who registered for the application. If it was not for this board I would not have known. Not that it matters now as I have already submitted my application. Oh well.
  12. by   dg05
    asherah, this rumor was floating around before I came as well. It is false. Apparently they were going to change it a few years ago and then decided not to. So, you will finish classwork in May and receive your degree (it's a BS, not a BSN) the next time the university confer degrees (if I remember correctly that's February, May, and October). I am not sure if we will receive ours in May or October but we are able to take the NCLEX over the summer and it has no bearing on being able to get jobs or not.

  13. by   smit1989
    That's really strange that the deadline was extended. I guess that can only be a good thing for us applicants who submitted it before Nov 15!! Good luck to all! I know this waiting period really sucks, so if anyone hears anything, keep posting...I know I really appreciate any type of news!