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So where are the potential 2008 Columbia ETPers at? I think a handful of regulars around here have Columbia on their list of apps, so heres a thread to get us through until notifications in Spring... Read More

  1. by   micheleh
    Hi everyone,

    I'm still pretty new to this site but just wanted to join in on this thread with you guys, as I will be with you in May! (Very excited! Midwifery and WHNP here!) Just thought I would say Hi and commiserate with you all about the cost (70K!) lol....hopefully it will be well worth it, as we are going to have clinicals at some outstanding facilities!

    Anyway, all the info everyone posts is very helpful so thanks for that.....anyone else nervous about the leap we are about to take?

  2. by   fnp4me
    I got the email from Judy too about housing, etc. Does anyone know what our uniform consists of?
  3. by   PurpleBee
    hi micheleh!! Welcome.. don't be shy, post whatever/whenever.
    I am midwifery & WHNP as well!!! Yeey
    See you in May
  4. by   PurpleBee
    ps: Yes, I am very scared.. especially since the program starts a day after my microbio final.. well, I'll find a way to take the exam earlier; but the thought of not having any break before the "boot camp" summer semester makes me very worried about my academic performance. I am already looking forward for the one month break in August; maybe I should start making plans for that mini vacation to take the pressure away a little.
  5. by   joey86
    i'm scared too!! i'm sort of in the same boat, my undergrad graduation is only 3 days before the first day of orientation! but i'm so excited to see what is to come this summer, and of course visiting day too!

    the email that we just got sort of made everything so much more real to me, picking out uniforms, getting a supply kit? wow!
  6. by   smit1989 seems like a lot of us are going to be recent graduates from our undergrad schools. I graduate on May 14th! It will be a crazy 2 weeks
  7. by   kevkev1986
    Quote from smit1989 seems like a lot of us are going to be recent graduates from our undergrad schools. I graduate on May 14th! It will be a crazy 2 weeks

    So you decided to just go ahead and take the offer from Columbia?
  8. by   PsychMaven
    I'm graduating May 2nd, there seem to be a lo t of us coming straight from our undergrad! I got Judy's email as well, but am wondering whether they will send the info. packet to my parent's in PA or to me in Boston...they sent my acceptance to PA so that's what I'm guessing. It's really a pain coaching my family to fill things out for me from here. I still haven't signed all of the financial paperwork...meh.

    I was thinking the other day though and realized something. Even if ended up with $12ok of debt and paid it back in 10 years at $12k/year (as though I made that much less per year) it would still be at least three times more than I would've made with a different degree at half the time. Simple, but I never thought of it in those terms, and it made me feel better so I thought I'd share.
  9. by   fnp4me
    When I asked Judy, she said the information would be sent to our mailing address not the permanent. Wish they would have done that with the acceptance letter

    I'll be graduating May 17th and heading to NYC!!
  10. by   meagain716
    Reading this thread is so funny now! I'm finishing the ETP portion this May, and I'm on the FNP track. I totally remember all your anxieties and how nervous I was! Believe me, it all works out. And, if you've read any of my previous posts, I don't regret my decision at all.

    I just wanted to post part of a response I wrote to one of your future classmates that will fill you in on classes and workload, because I know I was super worried about that stuff last year (aside from housing...the major debacle).

    During the summer, you will basically be in class 6-8 hours a day, 5 days a week. You have your lectures on Mon, Tues, and Fri. On Wed and Thurs, you're either in skills lab, where you learn technical skills and play with really expensive humanoid dummies, or you're at clinical. The summer is 10 weeks-ish, and I'll be honest, they call it boot camp for a reason. But it's doable. We all made it, but man, that break in August is a god-send! You pretty much will have an exam every 1-2 weeks, so time management is key. What got me through the summer is my study group. We literally studied almost every evening. Find yourself a good study group, stat! That support is crucial.

    It gets easier in the fall when you start what's called your 5x5's. Basically, you have 5 rotations, each lasting 5 weeks. During those 5 weeks, you have two days of class in that specific subject, and two days of clinical in that area. For example, right now I'm in med/surg. On Mondays and Fridays I have med/surg lecture and on Wednesdays and Thursdays I'm at clinical on a med/surg floor. After these each of the 5 weeks are over, you move to your next rotation. The 5x5s consist of: Med/Surg, Psych, Community, OB, and Peds. You have 5x5s into the spring semester as well (We're all on our last rotation now! Woohoo!) In the fall you also take 2 other lecture based classes, and in the spring you only have one other class each week. It's pretty laid back by the time spring comes. At the end of your 5x5 rotations, you do what's called "integration" where you work one on one with a nurse and basically follow her/him around for 2 months or so working a regular nursing shift.

    Pretty much all of your classes are multiple choice exam based. You have a couple of SOAP notes and care plans due for clinicals here and there, but there really aren't many papers (there are just too many of us for profs to read them all). In total, I've had to do 2 group papers, one major presentation, and two little presentations.

    If you can, review Anatomy and Physiology as much as possible. I'm still looking things up all the time.

    Oh, and get yourself a good NCLEX review book.
  11. by   micheleh
    Hey all,

    Wow meagain that was really helpful, thanks so much! It's really nice to try and get a grip on this now that I've gotten myself into it lol.....PS to all the undergrads coming straight into this program, I'll be in that same boat with you....I graduate the day before we start! Talk about "seamless progression"!

    Also, on the financial side of things.....nearly everyone I speak with, in the field and outside of it, thinks that the money is worth it. Sure, I've spoken to nurses who feel a license is a license and I'm sure that is true, to an extent. On the other hand, many more people seem to feel that Columbia is a real door opener, so to speak. And there really is something to be said for having the experience you want, and getting it in a timely fashion. The clinicals are at the top hospitals in the city.

    Please agree with me so I can feel better about this massive amount of money and the 11K bachelors degree I am turning down from Downstate lolll

  12. by   micheleh
    Oh, and one more thing about the midwifery/WHNP dual specialties.....I spoke with a CNM who said that she doesn't understand why they call it that - when you certify as a CNM, it is simply a fee and you are certified for women's health. Are we being duped or is there something I am missing?
  13. by   dg05

    Columbia adds an extra semester of classes and gives you a WHNP degree. I'm not clear about the extra fee to receive a WHNP license from the state of new york (mostly because I've heard what you have and haven't done the research). I know you can do that if you've gone to NYU but perhaps it's a difference in the program. If you find anything out definitive, please post.