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(1) There are four different choices for "supplies" packages that Columbia offers. Did anyone have a preference? (2) How are the "warm up" jackets. I tend to be chilly and I'm wondering if these... Read More

  1. by   cmelny

    I had the same question about the textbook edition 4 vs. edition 5. I sent Judy Wolfe an email, and she said that she was waiting to hear back from the professor. I will let you know when I hear from her again.
  2. by   Mission
    BTW, if you need to save money (and who doesn't?) Columbia has these free books available from statRef:

    In particular, I would use stafRef for the drug guide and pharm books.

    Also, you can download microsoft office, antivirus and other software from the IS department.
  3. by   meagain716
    I have a mac ibook. Am I going to have compatibility issues with Columbia? I really don't want to go out and buy a new laptop. But I DO have microsoft office, so you'd think I'd be okay, right?
  4. by   anniepants
    i have a mac too. my feeling is that so many students nowadays use macs...i don't think that we'll have too many problems with it.
  5. by   Mission
    No, you shouldn't have any compatibility issues but you should make sure you know how to save your document files so they are viewable on a PC.
  6. by   amm2061
    Hey there everyone!

    I was a pre-nursing student last year that was admitted into a few accelerated BSN programs. I chose not to attend those programs in exchange for waiting a year to apply an accelerated NP program (more specifically the ETP program at Columbia).

    I attended Columbia for my MSW and I'm a little concerned about taking on all the additional debt for the ETP program.

    The Columbia School of Nursing web site states that 98% of the students receive scholarship assistance to offset the costs of the tuition. Can anybody give me an idea about how much the cost is actually offset???

    I really think the program is right up my ally; I'm just fearful of being broke evermore!!!!

    Take care!
  7. by   dg05
    Hello there, I think the average person receives about $30k in scholarships from Columbia. That's 20k for the ETP year and 10k for the specialty year. That really just brings the columbia program a little more in line with other direct-entry programs. Most people will still end up borrowing at least 60-75k for year one.