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I am writing to see if anyone has attended or heard good things about Maryville University's FNP program? They are starting a new online FNP program next year, but am kind of leery because I am not... Read More

  1. by   OklahomaRN2016
    Avoid Maryville like the plague.
    I was told this was a great school and wonderful program by one of my coworkers. I started the program in Fall of '14. Boy I wish I had done some research prior to this adventure. I would be transferring if I wasn't so close to being finished. FIND A SCHOOL THAT HELPS YOU WITH PRECEPTORS. I do think they are trying to make the program challenging. The tests are hard, they are proctored, but I am literally teaching myself everything. I have no idea if I will feel prepared when I am done, which is horrifying. If you choose to go to this program, start looking for preceptors at least a year in advance.
  2. by   grizmama
    I live in Utah and had very little issues finding multiple preceptors. It's graduate school so there is a lot of self mastery and self instruction but it's manageable. It's really what you make of it. Tuition is competitive compared to other online programs.
  3. by   chelley333
    So, did you end up going with Maryville University?....I'm considering it, but would like some feedback before I make a decision.
  4. by   DLS1016
    Hello, will start PMHNP program this fall. I have never taken an online class and the last time I was in school was 15 years ago at Univ of MD Baltimore City for my BSN. Very worried about maneuvering online. I just ordered my books through Amazon $220 for all 4. I have not spoken to advisor yet, but just did the mandatory orientation today online. Biggest fears - figuring out how to do this computerized/online and learning the language.
  5. by   lauraFNP2B
    Hi there. I am writing to discuss my experience so far with Maryville University. I recently had completed my BSN online through Jacksonville University in April 2017 and applied to 4 online FNP schools. So my advice would be for anyone considering applying to FNP school to think and decide on what specialty that you want to go into. The one disadvantage to becoming an FNP when compared to a PA is that you have to specialize and if you desire to work in other fields as an NP then you have to obtain a post maters certificate and take the appropriate boards.

    Back to my experience with Maryville.....I had applied to many schools and found that their admission process was stellar when compared to any other FNP program that I had applied to. I applied to USC, Jefferson College (a local college where I reside), Chamberlin, and Maryville. I was assigned an admission advisor from Maryville and my phone experience with her was excellent. She called me daily to update me on my references, transcripts, and application status. It took me about 3 weeks from start to finish with the application process. Time had to pass due to references submitting their portions online and my previous schools submitting my transcripts. Everything is completed online. Towards the end I was in communication with my admission advisor daily once I knew that everything was submitted and the admission panel was reviewing my application. She was so patient and pleasant to talk to on the phone. I can remember the morning that I called to check on my status and she informed me that I had been excepted. We were both yelling "Hooray" on the phone. I was so excited and my admission advisor made me feel like I was talking to a friend on the phone and shared in my excitement. I was so happy as I am the first female in my family to obtain a higher level of education. Higher than a bachelors that is. I am also a single mother of five and this really meant alot to me.

    I was given a start date of fall due the time frame that I was accepted. I was given access to their online blackboard which is CANVAS. I was informed to complete an online orientation prior to classes commencing. That took me about 2 days to complete. This is not graded. It is just so that you can get familiar with their system. This is how their program works. There are no tests for the first year. Everything is blackboard posts and papers. The classes are 8 weeks each with only one class at a time. I have only completed one class but this is how it works. Your "attendance" is gaged by how you complete and post your assignments to CANVAS. You have to post a blackboard post by WENS, then comment to 2 peers by Sat. The posts have to be on alternating days and can't be on the same day that you post your first comment. You can't see anyone else's comments until you post your first response. One of the posts to a peer must have references and include supporting literature to your comments. EVERYTHING is APA format-posts and all.

    Basically I am writing 2-3 papers a week. I am probably more over the top, yet I have almost a 100 A. I make sure that my stuff is completed exactly like the grading rubric wants and I have bought a system that double checks my APA format. It is called PERRLA. It costs me about 35 dollars. It is an add on to WORD and makes writing papers a breeze. There has been only 2 group projects. I have had poor experiences with group projects at Jacksonville, yet I believe that was due to poor leadership. So I have made a point to lead both group projects and it has been a world of difference. Maryville assigns you an academic advisor. Mine called me every week for the first 3 weeks of the program to check on me. I found this to be amazing as other schools never do that. I also made online appointments with her to schedule our phone calls. During our phone calls she would ask me how I was doing and adjusting to the program. She asked my how I was feeling with their CANVAS blackboard. She made sure that I had my books for class and keeps up with me via email to update me on my next upcoming course. My experience with the instructor has been amazing. She offered her home phone and cell phone and was available to answer questions frequently. She responded to emails very quickly. I anticipate to pass with an A. This week is our last week of the 8 week course. I have already ordered my next class book.

    There is some not to positive things about Mayville, but It does not change my excellent experience. There is only 1 break in the classes. That is Dec 15-Jan 15. So if you are going to travel then you better make sure that you have good wifi. You have to participate at least 4-5 days out of the week online for the class. Also some weeks there are more work that is needed of you. The schedule is that you take one class at a time until your year mark. Then you will take 2 classes which are then 16 week courses. This for me starts Fall 2018 and will be Pharm and Patho at the same time! I am weary of this as these to me appear to be the meat and potatoes of what you need to learn as an NP. I will then start my clinicals Jan 2019. I am responsible for finding my own preceptors. This can be an NP, MD, or DO. I have heard where others freak out about having to find your clinical preceptors, yet I have been a nurse for almost a decade in my area and know a lot of providers in my area. I have worked in different areas and facilities as well thus increasing my network. I will start to apply for those clinicals next summer at certain facilities.

    Overall my experience has been awesome. I am a single mom and I work two PT jobs. Now I did go down to PT so that I could accommodate school. I have literally budgeted myself to the dime. Even though I don't have the money that I am used to I find that I have more time for my kids, school, and home. My kitchen is actually clean. I woke up. Put everyone on the bus, made some coffee, posted a CANVAS post and was fiddling around on the web. I am about to go workout. I think that this is a good lifestyle for me now as once I graduate I will be making LOTS more money. I plan to return for a post masters certificate in psych. I already have my job plan in place after graduate which includes my school debt being paid off by my future employer. Please message me and I can tell you how you can do it to. I hope that this was helpful to someone. I know it was long yet this is a life change and someone needed to read this. I hope this helps.
    Peace and love to all!
  6. by   lauraFNP2B
    No, No, No. You need to rent your books online. A good source can be Chegg or I have started to utilize my library more than ever before. I am totally on a budget and encourage you do the same. I rented my APA format book from the library only to use my PERRLA word magic that basically makes APA paper writing a breeze. I also suggest that you get familiarized with all their online stuff, this includes the blackboard. You need to set up your school email, make sure that if you are receiving federal school loans that you have your accounts and all financial information set up. This will create less stress for you. You can even go to the library and ask that someone help you if you need extra help with all the online set ups. I just completed my first Theory class with Maryville and rented my APA book from library..that was 0 bucks. I did get my book on Amazon only because that was cheaper than renting on I spent 75 bucks on it. So far for my first class, besides the cost of tuition and my personal home internet (COX for 40 bucks). I have spent only 75 dollars. I just rented my next book for my evidence-based nursing class and spent 25 bucks. That included shipping. They provide you with the UPS Shipping label and I save the box that it is sent to me in and just box it up and slap the sticker on when it is due back. The rent websites let you rent them for like 4-5 months at a time. That is WAY more time needed for the 8 week course. i hope that this helped you. Good luck to you.
  7. by   NerdiNurse
    Hi, LauraFNP2B, how to contact you?
  8. by   tom5859
    I'm also in this same program. I see a lot of the negativity about every school out there. I heard bad things about Kaplan, but found it to be a great school and got my BSN with no problems. Now i'm in Maryville, So far no problems. If you do well in school, you will do just fine!