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  1. by   BerkeleyMom
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  2. by   NrsCA
    It doesn't look like any newly accepted ELMSN SMC students are posting.. I wonder how many slots they've filled. I'm getting nervous!!! esp since they had their last interview slot on Saturday (unless they added more, then again... how would i know?!).


    Anyone else waiting to hear from SMC?!?!
  3. by   Testa Rosa, RN
    Remember, even if you don't hear the news you want in April, there are always people who will chose not to enter the SMC program come Fall. So I would think it prudent to pursue any rejection with a call asking about wait lists. Good Luck everyone.
  4. by   rockybeanz
    Hi, im waiting on a reply from SMC for the FNP track as well, all i know is that the lady at smc told me if i dont hear anything via email by First week of April, then chances are slim. . . arggg

    Has anyone ever re-applied to SMC and got in the second time around. I applied this time with the encouragement of one of the SMC counselors even though i still had 3 prerequisites to take.
    She also said i wouldnt need to retake my NET scores. . .

    Im so happy for you tho Bertolozzi and BerkMom, is this the first time applying to a Masters program for the both of you?
  5. by   Testa Rosa, RN
    Yes, this is my first time through, but the CM tract is less competitive and I come to the table with a lot of experience in case management like jobs--as well as working closely with case managers from my own private medical experiences.

    I have a friend who made it through her second time applying to FNP, and found out a month before classes were to start....but she did say it was a unique situation, can't remember why. I also have a friend who entered in on the CM tract and is now going to sit for the FNP licensure. I know that this is strongly discouraged up front, but once you are part of the ELMS program, and they are vested in helping you find your right path, anything can happen.

    I personally am very interested in the CM tract (MBA with 15 years experience in a case managment like job I loved until life pulled me in another direction--breast cancer, parental death, special needs child--my life is a saga and I am rising from the ashes to find nursing to be the only path for me). It's so perfect that I love SMC and that they have a wonderful CM program, and know without a doubt that I will be going to SMC eventually, either next Fall or within a couple years for my masters. However, as a mother of three living in Walnut Creek, I am concerned over expense/proximity and am holding my spot at SMC until late May when I learn if CSU has accepted me into their Concord program.

    There may be others out there playing the same game, so things can fall into place at the last minute for someone out there. Who knows how it works, but just floating this thought out there for those who need a little hope right now.

    Many blessings on your journey
  6. by   NrsCA
    yikes.... by first week of april... that's next week.... *sigh*
  7. by   BerkeleyMom
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  8. by   NrsCA
    So I gave in and called the admissions office...

    The lady I spoke with was SOOOOOO nice and helpful. She told me that the interview process had been completed and that final decisions should be made BY April 1st, so she said they are sending letters either Friday or Monday.

    When I first called I guess that I gave her the impression that I hadn't heard about scheduling an interview and she immediately sounded a little down (I swear she's the nicest person). I guess that means if you haven't had an interview yet, then chances really are slim. But she did say that everyone (to confirm what BerkMom said) will receive a letter in the mail at the same time, regardless of being a rejection, waitlist or acceptance. She said that acceptances MAY get a phone call or email but waitlists/rejections will definitely get it via snail mail.

    Then she told me to "relax and go watch a movie... even though I know it's probably easier said than done." So yeah.. that's the update I got when I called in today. =)

    So... that waiting continues
  9. by   BerkeleyMom
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  10. by   NrsCA
    Thanks BerkeleyMom... you are SO NICE!

    I haven't had time to check my mail in a few days because I was out of town... hopefully I'll be coming home to a nice sized manilla envelope!
  11. by   NrsCA
    Okay... for those of you reading this... SMC sent out letters. I called them the other day and they said one batch was sent last Thursday (as in a week and a half ago), another was sent on Tuesday and another one Wednesday. They said the last batch would go out on Monday.

    I received my letter today.... it's not BAD news... but not GREAT news... I was put on the waitlist.. soooo... basically, the waiting continues...

    does anyone have any idea of the likelihood of getting in off the waitlist?! I know it varies year by year... but I was hoping someone could shed some light for me!

  12. by   rachelv
    I'm sorry to hear about being wait listed but I would not give up hope, especially so early on! What # are you? I'm taking an online class with someone that had applied to SMs ABSN program. She was waitlisted as 57 (not sure which campus though?) Anyway she found out two weeks later that she was in so I would not give up hope. I think people are still making decisions and not everyone that got letters will accept.

    I have a friend that is currently in the progam and she had told me when I was interviewing that several people in her class were from the wait list (Although she is doing the CM track so I'm not sure if that info is accurate for FNPs also.

    Good luck!!!!
  13. by   NrsCA
    thank you, rachelv, for the words of encouragement. I'm actually #4 on the waitlist... I've submitted my request to stay on the waitlist. so yeah... i just gotta ride the waves. Here's hoping that 4 of the accepted applicants (or some of the #1-3 on the waitlist) accept offers elsewhere. We'll see what happens.