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  1. by   diddle
    Nope, haven't heard anything from SMC yet about interviews. I actually never even got an e-mail from them telling me that they have received my application, which every other school did immediately after they received mine. Did anyone else get an e-mail saying that they recieved your application? Its weird that they don't send those out just to keep us posted!
  2. by   chairol
    no word here either. I also did not get an email saying that they received my application. I did however receive a DVD about Samuel Merritt last week. Did anyone else receive this dvd?
  3. by   rockybeanz
    HI Diddle and Star,
    I haven't recieved any information from SMC regarding whether or not they recieved my application either. I think i will be calling them this week to double check on when we'll be recieving notification letters. . .
    THe other thing is that a friend of mine who applied to the ASBN on nov. was supposed to hear from them much earlier, but did not recieve email notification from them until jANUARY, AND for their program, they won't find out if they were accepted until beginning of March. So i guess SMC is jsst really backed up with lots and lots of applications. Im not sure, but i hope this helps and i hope we find out more.
  4. by   rockybeanz
    Nope, no dvd. What's teh dvd about by the way? hmm. . .that's interesting. this is a very anxiety filled waiting period. Please keep up with the updates.
  5. by   diddle
    Hmmm...I didn't get that DVD either! Whats on it?

    And RockyPooh: When you call SMC this week about the status of our applications and letters, do you mind letting us all know what they say? I am curious to know when they start interviewing. From previous threads/posts it sounds like it varies year to year. THANKS!
  6. by   Testa Rosa, RN
    Hello Allnurses info hounds:

    As you may recall from my prior post, I'm an applicant for the Samuel Merritt ELM-Case Managment program. Wanted everyone to know I just recieved an email today--Monday, 2/12--at 1:45pm with a request to provide my first and second choices for an interview time slot on 3/5 and 3/7. They will let me know what time I am given by 2/28. The letter goes on to state that I will be interviewed by three faculty members. It looks to be a packed schedule with an interview every hour from 9am to 5pm. Kinda feel for the folks interviewing; hope it's two different teams.

    For those of you who did not get the DVD, please know that you aren't missing anything important. It's more a frothy promotional/overview piece with suprisingly very little info on the nursing program. Anything on the DVD you probably already know given that you've gone so far as to submit an application. Definitely info you would have already gleaned from one of their advisement sessions or from the Samuel Merritt web site. It's really not that informative. The DVD has actually been out for at least a year now, as I had already picked one up from a counselor that was visiting my campus last year. It would seem to me that the purpose of the DVD is more to generate interest in their programs/campus/locale rather than to provide detailed information for those pursuing an ELMSN. However, if you feel you must get your hands on one, just call them. The staff is just wonderful there.

    One of the reasons why Samuel Merritt is one of my top two picks--with CSU East Bay being my other choice (more due to expense/proximity being major issues for me), so am keeping an open mind and will see where my road leads. It's all good, as I figure if I don't make it this time around, I will be knocking on Samuel Merritt's door for my MSN once I have my BSN under my belt.

    Many blessings on your own journey.

  7. by   diddle
    Congratulations Bertaloozi! And good luck!

    Has anyone that applied to the FNP track gotten an e-mail like this? I imagine that there are more applicants for the FNP specialty, so maybe it might take a little longer. I don't know though.
  8. by   rockybeanz
    Hey SMC applicants, i called smc today and was told that
    ONLY the case management track applicants were notified this week for interviews.
    As for the rest of us FNP applicants, the admissions commitee has not yet determined who they want to interview and therefore, both the interview and acceptance letters will not be EMAILED (she said they notifications would be sent via email) until after this week and the first week of March.
    Basically, notification for interviews will not be emailed until Begininng of March and she said, possibly a month after that as well.
    So i hope this helps all of you that are waiting anxiously, but i guess the whoel time frame of next week till march or maybe a month after, just makes us a little more anxious.
    Also, i was told today that applicants were not emailed or sent any notification as to whether the campus recieved their applications.
    I suggest calling in and asking personally, i did that today, and she was very kind enough to check my name and last name, and said Yes, its here. Good luck.
    Hope this helps you guys, keep updating please.
  9. by   diddle
    Thanks Rockypooh! I guess that means that we have a while to wait

    Oh well, I might as well try not to think about it for a while, because "next week or a month" is very vague and confusing and just makes me more anxious.

    Well, as soon as one of the FNP applicants does hear, let us know!

  10. by   chairol
    So I finally watched the SMC DVD. I agree with Bertolozzi that the DVD's main purpose is to promote Samuel Merritt College. The DVD offers a brief overview of the college, including information about its location, its mission, and interviews from SMC students. It also goes on to explain the different programs that they offer. Lastly, the DVD provides general information about student services at SMC, such as financial aid, the bookstore, on campus housing, and extracurricular activities.

    The DVD was enclosed with a little xeroxed note from Anne Seed, the Director of Admission saying to enjoy their new DVD.

    Rockypooh- thanks for the update on when we should expect notifications on inteviews. Their time frame seems so long. I guess we all have to wait patiently. But that is easier said than done. Good Luck everyone!
  11. by   stressed_girl
    Hi everyone! I'm so glad someone started this thread! I've also applied to UCLA, CSULB, CSUF, and CSULA. Is there anyone here who has also applied to CSULA? CSULA's ELMN is my top choice, as it's a master's program where you can specialize as a NP. When I took my TEAS test, another test taker told me that when she went to UCLA's orientation, UCLA reps were bragging about how they take pride in the fact that their program enrolls many males, and they had a really good ratio of males:females. The girl who told me this was concerned b/c there are wayyy more female applicants, and it makes one think... are they giving favortism to males?
  12. by   stressed_girl
    Oh and when I spoke with the coordinator at CSULA, she told me that they had rejected an applicant last year because she did not meet the min. GPA of 3.0, but UCLA had accepted her into the MECN program.
  13. by   rockybeanz
    Hey SMCA's (applicants) no probblem. any update from any of us helps.
    To those who got the dvd, i wish i got the dvd too. it seems that perhaps you might be one of the priorty accepted applicants, which is why anne seed, director of admissions is sending you a DVD, most likely to encourage you to consider their school, once you do get the acceptance letter.
    So congrats, cuz getting a dvd from SMC would probably only mean good right? As of right now, without any word from SMC, it seems that the DVD is like willy wonkas golden ticket. . .:roll

    Tick tock tick tock. :spin: :spin: :spin: :spin: someone else should call SMC and ask about this dvd and whether or not all applicants would be recieving it.

    All the info helps right?