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  1. by   gahnosah
    Hello! i will be applying for the ELMSN-Clinical nurse specialist program in the next couple weeks. (currently working on my application),

    I WISH EVERYONE the best of luck! if theres any helpful advise-ANYTHING make applications stand out! post please! thanksss
  2. by   Testa Rosa, RN
    Good luck everyone--remember how nerve racking this process was when I was in your shoes last year. My best advice is to do well with your prereqs and your entrance tests and stay true to who you are during the interview process. I would apply everywhere and not just focus in on one program--as every program I applied to had something of value to offer....and I had to think long and hard about the pros/cons of each situation (commute/costs/etc). Remember, there are many roads to the RN....and eventually to the MSN...not just direct entry.

    Additional advice is to volunteer at a hospital--my volunteer service came up often in my interviews. As did my personal history (as detailed in a very strong personal statment letter).

    I also obtained several letters (five or six) of recommendation beyond the two or three originally requested--but I'm an older student who has lead a very rich and varied life and three letters of recommendation just didn't give a good representation of where I had been in my life. The same could be said of a couple 20 year olds I know too, so I would err on getting more than the standard number of recommendation letters.

    Again, Good Luck on your journey.
  3. by   BerkeleyMom
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  4. by   lananp
    Quote from ejlaca
    UCLA, I was a patient liaison in the ER
    Hi ejlaca! May I ask you what did you do as a patient liaison? sorry fot the silly question. I am applying for volunteer position in ER.

    Thank you in advance and good luck!!!:spin:
  5. by   cerulean112
    Bertolozzi, Thank you for your post. I am new to the board and was trying to find information on the ELMSN interview process. Your post was the most heart felt and insightful. I am scheduled for my interview on 2/19. A ton of emotions are going through my mind but your input has eased some of that. Thank you and many blessing!
  6. by   rockybeanz
    Hi, CERULIAN, congratulations on getting an interview for the ELMSN program. I was hoping you could tell me for which campus did you apply? To the Oakland or Sacramento campus? I recently applied to the ELMSN for the Oakland campus on January 15th, but have not heard from them yet. THanks and hope to hear from you soon.
  7. by   cerulean112
    Thanks, rockypooh! The wait for the call/email was agonizing. I applied for the Oakland campus back in November. Hang in there- I'm sure you'll hear from them shortly.
  8. by   SparklyGirl
    curulean - I had an interview on Saturday there - and honestly for me it was stressful, but it ended up going well
  9. by   Kensington
    I have an interview on the 19th as well! The whole application / interview process is quite stressful!
  10. by   dianka890
    Does anyone know any cna or lpn programs in brooklyn ny ?