Any ideas for MSN/Education online programs? - page 2

I am currently enrolled in an MSN/CNS program, just started in September. It is a great program; very thorough, and excellent instructors. However, this is taking sooooo much of my time, and I really... Read More

  1. by   Dixiecup
    St. Louis university, St. Louis Mo. Expensive but super user friendly and you don't have to take any entrance exams at all (such as the GRE)
  2. by   rninme
    St Joseph's is 100% online....offer 2 masters programs, Education and Management. No GRE no MAT!! Also have the option to come to Maine for 2 weeks in the summer.....knock off a couple of classes during 2 week accelerated session.
  3. by   mathilda843
    I remember checking out St. Joseph's in Maine a while ago. Back then, the GRE was required for masters admission. Also, I didn't think that the summer sessions were optional - I thought they were required. Did it change?
    For my degree completion RN to BSN, I kind of had my heart set on St. Joseph's, however, I went elsewhere because another school gave me more credits for prior courses and there was no residency requirement. Anyway, I'm considering going on for a Masters (cough, choke, sputter...) and am quite interested in St. Joseph's in Maine. I don't really have anything against the 2 week sessions, but as I said, I though they were mandatory. And, I'd be really relieved to know that you don't need to do the GRE!
    Are you going there for your Master's only, or are you in the RN to Masters program? (forgive me for not keeping up on these things)
  4. by   JBudd
    University of New Mexico does several MSNs online, for the education track they work with you whereever you are to do the classroom hours. We have people all over the US in my classes. Unfortunately, last semester there was a note on the web site saying they weren't taking any edu. applications for a while.