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  1. by   meagain716
    Less than 2 weeks now!
  2. by   sherlee
    I'm in serious trouble. I'm graduating from U.C. Berkeley and I can't get any kind of proof that I'll be getting my bachelor's until June 7th (when grades are posted). But the ETP program requires that I get them in by May 30th!! Columbia can't admit me if I don't have official documentation saying that I have my bachelors degree. Is anyone graduating as an undergrad thie semester and immediately matriculating into the ETP program like me??? Is anyone experiencing the same problem as I am?

    I've graduated, successfully passed all my courses, rented a place in NY, and I'm all set to flying over to Columbia. I've spent so much time and money on this, and if I can't enter the program just because I can't get the official documentation on paper on time, I'd be SO pissed off. I talked to Amy Greenstein on the phone and I'm expecting for a reply tomorrow. I'm just so frustrated and scared right now...
  3. by   Kurlyz26
    Hi Sherlee,

    Don't worry too much. I'm sure something can be worked out. Have you explained it to your undergrad? Perhaps they can do something seeing that these are pretty extenuating circumstances. No hurt in calling registrar and seeing what can be done.

    On a different note...has anyone recieved their uniforms, kits etc yet? I am worried that I haven't recieved mine yet.

    And as far as the PDA's go, I decided to get the 700p that is at the end of the list. It wasn't bulleted now that I look back on the list. Is it one of the PDA's that are recommended?

    Thanks guys! I can't believe its almost time!
  4. by   anniepants
    we'll be receiving our uniforms and equipment during orientation, so no worries .

    can't wait to see everyone in 9 days!
  5. by   cozzy66
    I just ordered my shoes online! Can't wait to get the uniform and the kit... can't wait to register!
    Very very excited
  6. by   BeaconStreet
    What'd you get for shoes, Cozzy (and anyone else)? I'm planning to head to our local shoes-for-old-people-and-nursing-students store tomorrow.
  7. by   cozzy66
    I got the shoes from my favorite online store - I got these:
    Also if anyone decides to buy from them, they're having a 20% off sale for the next few days, i think the promo code is Memorial Day.
  8. by   T-Rock

    Did you have any luck with Amy? I'm in a similar situation as Columbia still hasn't received my transcripts for my microbio class even though my school has sent them TWICE. It's been a frustrating process.
  9. by   sherlee
    hey t-rock,
    amy contacted me two days ago and told me that the letter of intent to graduate form i requested will suffice. however, i will be on "dean hold" until i submit my official transcript with my ba degree noted on it. everything is going smoothly now.

    as for your transcript, did you request a "rush transcript"? usually (at least at my school) it takes a week just to process the transcript and plus a few more days to send it over to ny. when did you send your transcript? also amy told me that the mail at columbia's school of nursing is really disorganized. she told me not to send in anything; just bring them in during the orientation so that you can register for classes.
    hope this helps!
  10. by   HYPEractiveTTU
    How is everyone after the first couple days of nursing school?

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  11. by   fluffhead
    Well I for one have been having a rough go of it.
  12. by   dg05
    Hi Art, thanks for posting this.

    Fluffhead, I feel what you're saying. I think I'm capable of learning and understanding what's being taught in each class. It's just having them all together and keeping the sheer AMOUNT of work that we need to do organized, doing it all on time, doing all of the book reading, the accessory reading, etc...gah. I'm already having nightmares about the last week of class when we have an exam in EVERY class. How are we going to study for that?! Sigh...I guess just know that we're all going through the same thing.
  13. by   sherlee
    I'm having trouble identifying the names of the professors, titles of the courses, course control numbers, and which email is from which class. It's all confusing...anyone experiencing the same problem?

    Pharmacology was sooo long. They talked so fast to get through all the slides, and nothing really went in my head.