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  1. by   anniepants
    hi! im in a somewhat similar boat. i currently live on the upper east side, but will be getting married in august and moving to brooklyn. where in brooklyn will you be commuting from? i'll be coming from williamsburg, so i think that i'll take the L train to 14th street and then take the A allll the way up to 168th. the A runs express, so my guess is that it won't be too too bad. my commute to work now is an hour and a half, so i tell myself that anything less than that is a positive change .
  2. by   iriska_meller
    Quote from sherlee
    OoOoh, i'm so excited too!! I already found an apt 2 blocks from the medical center. craigslist rocks!

    does anyone know when our first bill from columbia arrives? I'm getting loans too, but I'm also paying a big chunk of it myself, so I need to do some preparation...Are they going to bill us in certain installments (like by month), or do we pay the whole chunk of money for the entire semester at one time?
    Look what I've found in Columbia FAQs!!!

    When do I pay tuition for the first semester?
    For the Summer Term, there is no pre-payment. You will receive a bill with the summer charges with a payment due date. You must pay by that due date to avoid late payment charges.
  3. by   iriska_meller
    Quote from sashanq
    hi everyone. I'm going to be coming from Brooklyn and it's about an hour and twenty minute commute--is anyone else in the same boat?
    I will probably have THE LONGEST commute, I'm coming from MAnhattan Beach, that is the south end of Brooklyn. I am still not sure what I'm going to do, because B only starts running at 6.30, and A begans to run express at 6.30. SO.. I guess either take Q to 42nd street and transfer to A - but there is a lo-o-ong corridor to walk. OR I can tak the shuttle at prospect park to get to franklin avenue, and get on A while it is still local.

    On the positive side - I recently got from 168th street to Brighton beach in 1 hour and 5 minutes, but that was during the day.
  4. by   boolery
    hi everyone. i too will be commuting from brooklyn (park slope). luckily my parents live on the upper west side and said i could crash with them whenever i need to. if you are looking to figure out how long your commute will take at different times of the day, you should check out i can't wait to meet you all.

  5. by   LeahG

    I someone JUST discovered this thing and am wondering if anyone is looking to share an apartment with me near CUMC. I just posted these "threads" all over this website not realizing that this "thread" existed. Way to go Ivy Leaguer! anyone still looking to share an apartment? Can I join? I am normal. I live in NYC now so I'd be happy to meet up...thanks!
  6. by   LeahG
    Umm okay so I just read my post and I thought it might be pertinent to mention that I had just come off a double shift (25 hours) last night and so the "I someone JUST discovered" nonsense, is just that: nonsense! I know how to write a complete and coherent sentence, I promise!
  7. by   ejeruto
    And so i would just like to confirm that you don't have to have been into a nursing school to qualify into this program, right? I am international, I go to Wellesley College, I major in Biology and I am thinking of joining the ETP program. I have no nursing experience, but planning to do a CNA and may be volunteer in some hospital... Do you this is a good preparation?

    Thank you everyone in advance, the discussions are really encouraging!
  8. by   cmelny
    Hello All!

    I am glad to see more messages on this thread! We are starting so soon, and I am both really nervous and excited.

    I did buy the Danskos because they were recommended to me by some of my RN friends. They feel really comfortable, although the fit is a little different than I expected. I too am having trouble accepting the idea of bright white shoes with the navy pants! I may have to hold off on the PDA now to balance out the expense.

    When I went to the March 2nd welcome lunch, it seemed like there were several current ETP'ers commuting from Brooklyn.

    Is everyone memorizing all the Med-Math stuff before we begin? Or are you just doing all the problems?
  9. by   Kurlyz26
    Hi Everyone!
    I can't believe we are pratically in the middle of May already! School starts in just a few weeks! Ah!! :spin:

    Just to answer a few questions.... No, you don't have to be in a Nursing Program to get into the ETP program, but you do have to make sure to take all the prerequisite courses required. You can find them on the admissions website.

    And as for the Med Math homework, I am doing the problems, but also memorizing as I'm going along and planning on studying after going through the chapters assigned. We are being tested on the material!!

    I have some question of my own... I already bought white shoes for school. They are all white mary janes. They expose a bit of the top of my foot, but not much. Anyone have any idea if these are allowed?

    And secondly, is anyone else doing the dual degree program with MPH? I am getting so confused on how to manage cirriculum for both degrees and could use any info on how to figure it out!!

    Thanks everyone! Can't wait to meet you all in a few weeks!!!
  10. by   cozzy66
    We're getting really close now! just over 20 days until orientation starts :spin:
    i started looking at med-math some time ago but stopped b/c i've been swamped in my current classes...
    now that the book list has been posted it's even more real - are any of these books available as digital versions for free? are any of the current ETPers interested in selling their copies? are these textbooks absolutely required or can we substitute with other books on the same topics?
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  11. by   cmelny
    I only bought the required text books and not the recommended ones. Some of the current students said that a copy of the current textbooks will be available at the library. I am not sure if it can be checked out of the library, though.
  12. by   ICU08
    I wouldn't reccomend just using the books in the library, because who knows how many people are thinking of doing this, probably making it very difficult to gain access to the book when you actually need it.
    I went on Amazon and bought all of the required books, I think I spent about $400, this actually isn't that bad considering what I would spend each semester at my undergrad.

    Does anyone know how to get the drug reference for the PDA though?
  13. by   cozzy66
    I got some advice from a current student saying that we should hold off on buying the textbooks and see which professors really require them for the course - there will be a lot of powerpoint notes, which apparently are the main focus for certain classes. Also if any of you are rooming with a student a year ahead of you, try seeing if you can borrow their books.
    See you all soon!