2010 Samuel Merritt Oakland ELMSN-FNP applicants?

  1. Hey all:

    I've been reading the forums for a while and I hadn't seen any discussion specific to the SMU ELMSN-FNP program in Oakland. I'm getting ready to submit my application...anybody else out there? I'd love to chat with other folks!
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  3. by   CecileSF
    Hi I'm applying there. About to send in my app tomorrow. I hope I did it all right. very very scary.
  4. by   MLIS2MSN
    Tell me about it! I've been emailing with Karena in admissions with my millions of questions and she has been very helpful. I recommend getting in touch with her if you have any questions about your app.
  5. by   andreapaz
    I am also applying. Hopefully we all move on to the interview round . I wonder how long it will take to hear something. I applied for the ABSN and it took a month to get a confirmation that our application was received and I haven't heard anything since!
  6. by   MLIS2MSN
    It seems like, from reading last year's thread and from talking to friends I have in the program, they schedule interviews pretty shortly after apps are due. A friend of mine was admitted in mid February last year on early decision - they called her right after the interview to offer her a spot in the program.

    So I'd say they will probably start scheduling interviews almost as soon as they get our apps. From my conversations with their admissions folks and the printed info I got from them, it looks like they get ~200 applications for what ends up being 24 spots in the class. I guess they review apps pretty quickly!
  7. by   LaurenLL
    Hey all,

    Just jumping into the conversation since I also sent in my application last week and am eagerly waiting to hear about interviews! Keep me posted.

  8. by   CecileSF
    Does anyone know how many prospective students they chose to interview each term? I like you guys and also eagerly awaiting a reply.
  9. by   MLIS2MSN
    The other threads on SMU on this site have mentioned interviewing about 60-80 applicants for 22-24 spots. It sounds like they do several group interviews and try to schedule about 20 applicants per slot.

    Did everybody apply to the FNP specialty? Any CM applicants out there as well?
  10. by   CecileSF
    Hi there everyone. I applied for the FNP program and got an invitation to interview by email. Has anyone else heard anything? Also, any tips for the interview?
  11. by   andreapaz
    I also applied to the FNP program but have not received news of an interview yet. When did you get the e-mail? Good luck!
  12. by   CecileSF
    I got the email late afternoon today. They actually gave me a specific day to interview, so maybe they are sending it out by date. Not sure, though. Thanks, I neeeeeed the luck.
  13. by   clam27
    congratulations CecileSF! when is your interview?

    i hope the rest of us hear some good news soon!
  14. by   LaurenLL
    Ooh good job CecileSF! Now I'm franctically checking my email all the time. When is your interview? Does anyone know if they are on weekends or during the week?