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just curious, where are you working before you start school or cna training?

i'm trying to get into the cafeteria at a hospital becuase i have good experience working in a kitchen and it'll get me through the doors and used to a hospital setting.

i'm hoping then to go to a cna training program (next summer), then start working there as such - then going to college for behavioral health (next fall).

*crosses fingers*



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Wellllllll right now I'm directing a summer camp, which I've been doing for the past 4 years, as well as freelance web design and hosting. Next summer I am not sure of my plans ... it's sounding like dh is swaying towards being at camp again but I am not sure. It would really make sense to get a job in the medical field but we shall see!

Good luck in your job hunting! Hope you find exactly what you are looking for!!

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I've been working at the deli department at my local grocery store and doing payroll for a construction company. I will be starting my CNA course in Aug. and will start clinicals in Jan 06. I go to school at night for my ADN. :)


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I currently run a copy center for a software company, (basically a private Kinko's) I have been doing this for over five years now and cannot wait to be out of here, the people I work for are great but its time for me to move on and do what I really want. :)

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