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Post Acute Rehab

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I can't really decide what to do and need help!

Well, I have two choices now, one RN in a Critical Access hospital in a rural area that requires 5 years commitment, and another one is in the Bay Area (CA) in a Post Acute Rehab facility without any contract.

I am a new grad and really desperate to land a job as an RN. But I don't want to start off on the wrong foot. I know both are RN jobs, but I want to work in Med/Surg or ED after I gain few years of experience.

Is Post Acute Rehab considered acute care setting as well?

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Subacute is only a step down from acute care. You will use all of your nursing skills because there will be IVs, trachs, central lines, even vents, and oftentimes the patients aren't completely stable when they come from the hospital. It would be a great place to start, and you wouldn't have a 5-year obligation that may not turn out to your liking. Just a thought. Good luck!

5 year obligation is a long time. Why might it be so long? What happens if you leave early?