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Hi.I have a bit of a dilemma. This is a bit of a long post. Hopefully this isn't too confusing. Any advice would be appreciated.

I am wanting to return to school for nursing ( I already have a degree in another field). I got my CNA certification in November and got a job at an LTC in December. I have been trying to get into a hospital and finally got the break I've been looking for!

I interviewed at a hospital on Thursday and was told by the interviewer that she was very interested in me. She said she had interviews at the beginning of the next week and would be making a decision by the end of that week. I received a call on Friday morning from a recruiter saying that the interviewer wanted to move me along to the next step, which was the background/reference check. After the check is completed, she would then call me and make an offer. Of course I was excited. This position is a full time (three 12-hour shifts) midnight position.

I then had an interview at another hospital yesterday. It was supposed to be for a contingent position. However, the interviewer offered me a part-time midnight position (six 8-hour shifts) on the spot. I said yes, but now am having second thoughts. I don't know if I made a mistake. I am feeling very conflicted. My husband says I shouldn't have been so impulsive. However, I was thinking of my family and feel that making the move from LTC to hospital is a step in the right direction.

The first position is full time and will include full benefits. Then second position has the possibility to pick up extra shifts (not guaranteed, of course). My first thought was that I could do both, assuming there are no conflicts in the schedule. Of course, this would mean I would be working 60 hours a week, and every weekend. My other thought is, if the first hospital calls and offers the job, to call the second and ask if I could change my position to be contingent. How bad would that be?

I know that I am very grateful to have these two opportunities, especially with the way the economy and the job market is. That's why I want to be sure that I am making the right decision. Anybody have any opinions? Thank you.


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If I were you I'd take the hospital position. That will give you better experience in what you really want to do which is Nursing. I would then call the other place and tell them thank you for there time, but that you got a better offer else where.


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Hi Care Bear.

That's the problem. The two offers are BOTH hospital positions. The first offer-the full time one- is a PCT position in the Acute Care services. The second offer-the part time one-is a nurse assistant position on a post-op floor. The second one is also a union position. I have never had a union position so don't know if that's good or bad.


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I'm sorry, I misunderstood your original post. I would take the full time position with benefits. I don't fully know what a PCT is, because we don't have them in my state, or at least I don't think we do. This job sounds like a better opportunity all around. I wouldn't try to juggle the two jobs. It's important to have time for yourself, and time to spend with friends and family.


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Hey, first of all congratulations you have two great opportunities to choose from =). Personally I would always go with a full time job w/ benefits ...the contingent job isn't secure enough. Especially not in this economy. Plus you don't know how tired you'll be after the full time job you might start and realize there is no way possible you can work another job. Also if you're trying to go back to school you won't have time. Stick to one job - the full time one =)


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I would personally take the job you have all ready taken and than when the other job comes through, just be honest with the pt job and tell them that you were offered a full time position and you have to take it because you need your hours. That way you have a job all ready just incase for whatever reason the other one does not come through. Congrats! I hope I have 2 jobs to choose from here soon!


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I agree with candamommy. I would go ahead and take the part-time job and if the full-time job works out then call the part-time one and tell them you were offered a full-time position. I know it sounds bad to do that. But what if you pass up the part-time one and then don't get the full-time one. This way you are out of ltc and you have a job either way.


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Thanks everyone! The part time job called on Friday to officially offer me the job. They said the offer was good for 24 hours so I could call on Monday. I talked to my husband and decided to call them Monday morning after I took my children to school to accept the position. As I was walking out the door to drive the children to school, the full time job called and offered me the position. Of course I was excited and accepted the position! However, the start date is Monday (this gives me only a week to give notice). I went to work today (Tuesday) to give notice to my employer, who said that since I am not giving 2 weeks notice, this will go in my file and I will not be able to work for any part of the system that our facility belongs to (it is a large system). I offered to go contingent, but they said I needed 2 weeks to do this too. My DON said that when I find out my training schedule, maybe we can work something out. One of the girls that works here, told me that not only will I not be able to be hired by our system, but may not be able to be hired anywhere else. In essence, I believe I am being told I will be blacklisted. I am a bit frustrated and don't know what to do. Our state is an at-will employer. My understanding is that they can let you go at any time, and you can leave at any time. So much for making things better for my family!


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At will employment means that you don't have to give two weeks notice, neither does the employer. Don't fall for the blackmail. If they put "do not rehire" in your folder, well, they do. You will have moved on to one or two hospital jobs, which are better for your long term career goals and ultimately, your family. Do what is best for you.


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Thanks, Caliotter! I don't know why I am stressed about this! I don't like to feel like I am being blackmailed, that's for sure. At this point I am not going to miss my job, just my residents. However, this move is better for my family and my career goals. It is what is best for us. Thanks for the support, encouragement, and reinforcement.

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