Possible to study for Teas for only 11 days and do Well?

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Well, I decided I wanted to try and apply to a specific associates degree program in Nursing...today. Unfortunately I will only have 11 days to study for the exam. I have all of the pre-requisites done. I'm very happy that I'm taking this step, but scared of doing horrible on the TEAS exam since I have read that some people study at least a month or two before the exam. I know I can study at least 4 hours every day but not sure if it will be enough. Worth a try? I think I'm most worried about the science section, I have taken quite a few science courses but from what I read, these questions are a bit more ecclectic...I have not studied any type of environmental science besides middle school and high school classes which were quite a few years ago and I'm pretty sure I have forgotten most if not all that I learned. Oh boy...so stressed.

I am interested to read the replies. The nursing dept at my CC says that it won't know which version of the TEAS it will be using for next year's applicants until "sometime in January". The applications come out in Feb and I think they are due by March 1st, so I won't get a whole lot of studying time in after finding out which version they'll use. :down:

Good luck to you!!!

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hi...i didnt study at all and did just fine, i looked up some practice questions on-line the week before and that was it

I took TEAS V this past August, didn't study for it, and did well. The scope of my preparation was performing a google search for sample TEAS questions that I reviewed the day before the test, just to give me a feel for the format of the questions.

With regards to the science portion of the test, if you have taken your science prerequisites within the past year you are probably in good shape. While the questions were quite diverse, I didn't encounter any regarding environmental sciences; however, I encountered quite a bit of chemistry, so depending on your science background that may or may not be a good thing.

You should know that the formats are timed, but don't let that scare you...there is plenty of time to answer all of the questions within the allocated period.

Good luck!

I had about 10 days to study. I studied the study questions on the unofficial TEAS site and the post on allnurses. I past with an 83.5%. All I needed was a 67%, so checked that off my list.

There is plenty of study material on the internet. Good luck!!!

I studied for 2 afternoons, 2 hours each time. I scored quite well & got in to the program I wanted.

It all depends on how well your foundation in reading and math is, I think. Honestly, I didn't really study for the TEAS much at all - I looked over the ATI study guide a few times in the week leading up to the test. I got an 85. I'm sure if I had spent more time studying I would have done better, but I did make it into the program.

If you have a reasonably strong English and math background I would not be too worried, personally.

I took mine a few months ago during summer term when I was taking A&P, Pharmacology and Med. Terminology...needless to say I didn't get much studying done! I got an 87.5 though. The part I was really thrown off by was the lower level general earth science questions. I felt like it was stuff I learned in grade school, but hadn't touched since. The good news is that there are only a few of those. Good luck!

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