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Possible move to Colorado current outlook

by Abby10 Abby10 (New) New

Hey all I am thinking about trying to move to Denver or Colorado Springs for Children's Hospital NICU and their branch in Colorado Springs. I was wondering how hiring is going, staffing and pay. About me I worked 3.5 yrs in adult cardiac before transferring to NICU am currently working Level II but in a level 4 hospital. Any advice would be great, thanks!

A nurse with your experience should not have a problem. I would check the job posting pages for Childrens, Healthone, and Centura as well as Denver Health. With experience you should get some response applying online (unlike new grads).

Thanks for that reassurance. I'm also looking for an idea of pay, can you give me a starting amount and what a night differential would typically be. Thanks!!!

klone, MSN, RN

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With 3-5 years of nursing experience, I would ballpark your wage would be in the $27-30/hour range. Not sure about night shift differential. I haven't worked nights in almost 5 years. I recall my first nursing job, the night shift differential was around 18-20% I think. That was in AZ, though.

In my experience, CHCO pays less than many other area hospitals.

My reason for wanting CHCO is that from what the older nurses that I work with in a second job (home care) are telling me is that they got the best training from ones that are well rated or University hospitals. And my current hospital has well piss poor education that you have to beg borrow and steal to get the nights around it off to go to.

Do you have any idea on the educational/classes that different put new hires through?

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For experienced nurses, not really any formal education. Just new employee orientation.

You might also look into University of Colorado Hospital. They have an incredible NICU. Their acuity is second only to Children's. UCH doesn't do ECMO or EXIT procedures or fetal surgery, but pretty much everything else. Pay at UCH is a bit better, and it has the same "teaching hospital" atmosphere that Children's has.

I will say the culture at Children's NICU seems more collegial and welcoming than that at UCH (IMO, of course - and it very well could be different now than it was 2 years ago).


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I am also in the process of moving to Colorado. We went there in April and FELL IN LOVE! We are so tired of where we live now and we want to do it while we are still young enough to enjoy all Colorado and the surrounding states have to offer!

My RN license is under "final review" so I have started to look for jobs. I currently work at one of the top children's hospitals and honestly I am not really sure what I want to do now.

I have 16 years experience (peds, ICU/CV, tele, medsurg, ortho, etc.) my BSN and I make a nice wage where I am at. But we're ready for new adventures out west!

My main concern is the cost of rent/real estate out there! It's CRAZY how high the cost is versus where I live now.

We are looking in the Pueblo West and Colorado Springs areas for a house/apt to rent until we get acclimated, but rent for a decent 2BR apartment is over $1000/mo and homes rent for $1300 on up. Looking to buy? A halfway decent 3BR home starts at $250k!

Anyone know why that is and does the pay in Colorado help even things out? That's my ONLY worry...TIA!!

Cost of housing in Colorado is absolutely ridiculous and I don't know if anyone knows why. It is even worse in the Denver area.

Ermmm... not sure what experienced nurses get paid, but new grads are under paid. The salary does NOT offset the cost of housing.

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Yeah the cost of living here is much higher than other places I have been. Our rent was increased on a 2b/ba apartment to almost 1600/month. We bought a house instead and even that was a nightmare. Its a highly desirable market with little residential building growth so the market is on fire.