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Positive Drug Screen for Rx Med. How does this affect clinicals?

by BlessedMom4 BlessedMom4 (New) New

Greetings. I have been accepted into my Middle TN area nursing program for Spring '09. I am a little concerned about my drug screen because I knew it would be positive b/c of my prescription for Adult ADD (adderall). I've been on gradually increased doses since March 2008 and have been at my current dosage for about 5 months now. Earlier in the year, I discussed this with my doctor b/c I knew there could be a potential issue down the road. He assured me that as long as I had a prescription and his letter/statement to that effect I would have no problems. I am having my drug screen performed by a MRO tommorrow and am just a little worried that after all my hard work, I'll be kicked out of my nursing program. Anyone here in Nashville area with the same issue and care to share their experience? Thank you for your input. =)

I can't talk about Nashville, but if you have a a therapeutic level of a prescribed drug in your system it isn't a problem here in NY.

i don't think you have anything at all to worry about. you have a prescription. period. it would be a whole different story if they found it in your system and you DIDN'T have a prescription. then you'd have reason to worry. but you do, so you're in the clear.


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I am also in the Middle TN area and one of my very good in Nursing school is the tech that performs the drug screens for our school....

Anyways, I am pretty positive that as long as you have a prescription for your med, you'll be fine.


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So, how'd it go?

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