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Portland Job Market for New Grad RNs

Hi everyone!

I've looked for pre-existing posts regarding this topic, but didn't see any posts more recent than 2011 or so. Can anybody tell me if obtaining an RN position in the metro-area of Portland is still a difficult feat for a new grad (particularly for ASN graduates)? I'm wanting to move right after I graduate and become licensed in Florida (summer, 2015). I would apply for licensure in Oregon as soon as possible to ensure potential employers took my application seriously.

I have a series of questions regarding this, and if you could answer any one of them, I would be so grateful! Here it goes-

I am really just wanting to get in the area, so I would be willing to take any RN position I could get- traditional hospital (obviously), clinic, VA hospital, private practice, LTC, or any other possible positions. I am hoping to get my foot in the door with a student position as soon as possible with the VA clinic here in Tallahassee, because I feel like transferring facilities would be my best shot. So my first question is this: If I ended up with a position that wasn't in a traditional hospital, would it still be difficult to obtain a traditional hospital position, even with RN experience at a different kind of facility?

Along those same lines, Would RN experience *not in a traditional hospital setting* suffice for the requirement of staff experience needed before becoming a Travel Nurse?

I am willing to do whatever it takes to work in Portland, as long as it doesn't hinder my plans for the future- because long term-wise, I absolutely want to work in a hospital and become a travel nurse.

Any information at all that could be pertinent, even outside of these questions, is welcomed. Thanks in advance for all of your help!

Most of the new grad RNs that i know work in a nursing home/ltc. Hospitals here are competitive and as far as i know, they don't hire straight out of schooling. We have a nurse residency program, which like nursing school... it is very competitive to get into.

To that I would ask if you are referring to BSN or ADN nurses? There are a lot of job openings out there and what I find interesting is a lot of the nursing jobs require a year of experience and a BSN yet some people on here (oregon allnurses) are being hired as ADNs in critical care etc, without a residency program, which is fantastic! But if a job requires a year of RN experience how are new grads being hired? I ask this because I am in a BSN program and currently work at a major hospital in Portland and am still worried I won't get hired as a new grad. I would just have to think that it is great if a manager wants to hire you but doesn't HR have to make the final decision?? I wont have my BSN for a year and I am already worried about finding a job even though it is easier to find a hospital job in Portland now as opposed to a few years ago. There was even a person who graduated from ITT that I know and they work in the ED as basically their first RN job. Gives me hope.

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It's about who you know here, It is an extremely competitive and generally over saturated job market for new grads even with a BSN. I would get experience if you can where you are now and move after you have a year or two under your belt if I were you. However LTC is less competitive than hospitals as seems to be the case in most places.

Thanks, when I graduate next year I'll just make sure I'm set up with a job at the hospital I work at and if not I'll ally at LTC. Do you know if 1 year at a LTC qualifies you for a hospital ? I'm really hoping the unit I complete my senior practicum hires me. So to other folks who are graduating soon try to do your practicum on a unit that has a history of hiring new grads.

Thanks for the replies!

I have the same question, shawba- does a year in LTC "count" as experience that hospitals recognize?

Side question: Does allnurses not notify you when people post comments on your posts? I wasn't notified in any way, which is why I'm just now seeing these.

To my knowledge you only get notified by allnurses if you get a private message sent to you. And I have to think a year at am LTC counts as experience for the hospital. Obviously critical care settings may not accept it. From what I've been told the job market is better for nurses. There are a ton of full time jobs, yes I look at jobs even though I'm a year from graduating. I wish more places were willing to train new grads but if someone can get a healthcare job while in school they can try to network themselves onto that unit or other units in the hospital.


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