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THIS one just gets my dander up, all... I need to know if I am off the wall, here. The facility I work at has now come up with the BRILLIANT idea to have an "employee of the month". rolleyes.gif The person will be "chosen" by their peers...kinda like a nomination/vote thing. eek.gif THIS is supposed to boost morale. Yeah, right. Personally, I think it just ends up being a popularity contest. I think they should rotate thru the building and "feature" each unit/floor/department/speciality...whatever. Ya think I am way off here?? I think it will end up HURTING the already low staff morale...JUST my opinion!!


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I think something like this could turn out to be a good thing, but quite possibly may not. On one hand, it sounds fair to allow peer staff nurses to choose their "employee of the month" - it keeps the management out of the voting. However, this can add alot of tension between staff members, especially when people are more subjective than objective - like picking people because they are buddies more so than the nursing care they provide. Since only one can be chosen, all of the other hard-working nurses will be thinking "Why didn't I get picked?" and "How did she/he get picked...I work harder than that person". I think you are right - this could lead to morale dropping even more as well as increasing gossip and backstabbing which, in many workplaces, is already a problem. I think whoever thought of the idea had good intentions, but probably didn't think about the consequences and problems it could lead to. Instead of improving staff cohesiveness, it would probably lead to further breakdown of the nursing team, which is the last thing we need. Thanks.


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SORRY, inadvertently hit my enter key or something while I was in midsentence...!!!(Hopefully the first and most articulate part of this communication was sent to the BB!) Here's an opportunity to take charge, nurses. Why do we wait for the whole hospital or for the nursing management staff to do it for National Nurses' Day.

Set criteria for nurse(s) of the month, allow nominees from any nurse,Anyway have a group of people select a candidate from those that are nominated. Utilize your chaplaincy, social service, HR staff members to vote on the cadidate(s) who most closely meet the spirit of established criteria in relationship to accepted excellence standards.




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annother way to get the EotM to be fair is to initiate a STAR program, someone is nominated, and residents, family members, and non shift staff make the recomendations (I think unit managers/supervisors can to) then there is no favoritism, it is "this person did ______ and it was much more than I expected, they made my life better for it"

I know I am NOT poular, and will never get nominated for the EotM in my NH but I am popular with the REAL workers on my unit, and the residents who interact with me (even the junkie I will not medicate unless he actually NEEDS it) It is a level of professionalism that I am very proud of, and I do not reach it every day, but I try.

I did have a resident send in a letter of comendation with the advice to give me some recognition, or a bonus, for the extra time I took with her, the recognition I golt was to be allowed to reaad the letter and to be asked to please apply myself to my adminastrative responsabilities as well as I had the floor care.

I was NOT amused

in the hospital I started out in, fresh out of nursing school, we had a STAR program (STAR means something, I don't remember what) and I was nominated by a family, my units head nurse asked other patients how they felt about this comment, she seemed at the time to be trying to dispute it to the patients who spoke back to me about it, and then I got a gold star for my name badge, and had a &50 personal check from the hospital in my next paycheck.

I felt GREAT, the orriginal letter of comendation was coppied and posted in the lounges, and in the newslettere that went to the stockholders

it might have been a publicity thing for them to show how great the whole place was, but I know other people I worked with had the same experience, and there were a few letters each month, all recent. It really helped us, and since it was for SPECIFIC actions there was little sour grapes.

But then again I worked with a GREAT team at the time


*** May we all have the serenity to accept what we cannot change, and the determination to change what we cannot accept. ***


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Our hospital has had an Employee of the Month program forever. Of course it is a popularity contest. People generally nominate who they like, but most of the time it IS a good nurse or staff, including ALL departments (dietary, laundry, pharmacy, etc.)

It has been going on for at least 15 years, so it is no big deal. There is no reason for it to lower morale, unless you let it. There are only two ways to handle every situation...Really!!! You can either accept it or do something about it. Don't let it get to you. There are bigger problems in the world, and I'm sure at your hospital!!!!

P.S.....I have never been EOM and never will!! I am not tactful enough with the suits and skirts!!!



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Our hospital has had a "GEM" program which is similar in nature to the employee of the month. It is for any hospital personnel that have gone above and beyond their duties as an employee. Of the personnel that I have been aquainted with, I have never seen anyone who had received the award not be worthy of it. There have been several nurses as well as respiratory therapists receive the award (the personnel I knew) and each deserved the recognition immensely! I feel that this can be a positive force but also can be taken advantage of by those who just wish to put their friends in, even though it is not deserved.


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The idea of the STAR (whatever that means?!) program sounds alot better than a staff-chosen EotM. I never thought about having the families, patients, etc. nominate somebody - that sounds neat! Thanks for sharing!


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cool.gif Well, you all...THANKS for your input. After some "discussion" -- okay, the staff circulated a petition amongst themselves against the idea and gave it to management -- the EOTM idea has been dropped!! They MAY go to feature each department on a monthly basis etc... smile.gif


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