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  1. Anyone apply to SCCC practical nursing program for a fall 2021 start?
  2. I am a new grad in the burn/trauma ICU at a level 1 trauma hospital in north Texas. I know I need at least 2 years of experience before exploring travel nursing, but I have a few questions for anyone
  3. I interviewed for OHSUs DNP Program on Februrary 2nd, 2021 (It did not go well). I am curious if anyone has heard back from OHSU yet? I am not sure if they will be sending out rejection letters or if
  4. I have been offered a FT M-F Case Manager position with an agency that is hospital based. Patient census around 340 for HH. I am not new to HH but would be new to a FT M-F Case Manager position. Id li
  5. How is the state of oklahoma for nursing? Even city level? How are the tulsa nurses being treated? how are the Okc nurses fairing? Any glaring issues for discussion/vent? LOL
  6. Hi, In search of some solidarity... I was waitlisted for UNCs BSN program for 2021. Anyone else in the same boat? Or know anything about chance for getting off the waitlist?
  7. Hey all anyone looking to apply to the NCC nursing program? Did you apply yet? Below is a fb page with fellow applicants of NCC https://www.facebook.com/groups/1153449925116224/?ref=share
  8. Hello nurses! Im a Dutch nurse student and looking for someone to talk about some nurse topics. Maybe there is someone who is interested in a phonecall or some email exchange about nursing in another
  9. Did anyone apply for the fall traditional BSN program? I can’t find people anywhere
  10. Any NPs work as independent contractors in ALF? If so, how do you get paid? What kind of tests do you order?How do you start?
  11. Beth Anne Harrington

    University of mobile ABSN 2022

    Hi friends starting a thread for those applying to the nursing programs at U of mobile alabama or really anyone in school in Mobile (University of southern alabama as well) because Im also potentially
  12. I am curious if your are noticing an increase of wound care, dressing changes since Covid. I ask because I was just hired as a per diem in a wound clinic, but I keep getting called off for low census.
  13. Hello, I need a feedback. I am trying to decide whether to attend LaSalle University for my FNP or another school. Can anyone who attended LaSalle please help me?
  14. Has anyone else applied to Delgado Charity School of Nursing for Fall 2021??? I know March is the month acceptance letters will be mailed out! I am very nervous. I would love to hear from other pre nu
  15. I created this community for those whom applied to this program and want to share their experiences or may want to connect with others. I am nervous and anxious to find out whether or not I am accepte
  16. Hi everyone! I’m going to be taking intro to neurotoxins and dermal fillers through National Laser Institute soon. I’d love to hear from any RN’s who have been through this program. I cannot seem to f
  17. Hey yall! Has anyone applied to Union University for their accelerated BSN program starting fall 2021? Just completed my application after finishing up the TEAS and looking to connect 🙂
  18. Anyone been or currently in the program that can share what their experience has been thus far?