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  1. Hello everyone! I am wondering if you can help me out with what to expect with the hiring process. Ive been looking at older threads and understand that different VAs have different processes. Here is
  2. I was accepted into the georgia perimeter college bridge program and I wondering if any past students can tell me details of the program. They do not give you much info upon admission. Thanks!!
  3. Hello students and nurses! I am collaborating on a paper for publication on the role of nursing in climate change and sustainability. I am seeking the student perspective on how we think about climate
  4. Hi all. Perhaps some of you can answer this for me: Thank you in advanced I want to pursue advanced practice care -NP, CNM, etc ....not sure what, I just know I want to do advanced patient care. I hav
  5. f you are an APRN or plan to become one, we need your help. This will take a few minutes to promote full practice authority where you can have your own practice without a paying a physician to super
  6. Hey! I didnt see a post on this cohort yet, so I figured Id start one. Who out there has applied/is applying to this cohort? Has anyone had an interview yet?
  7. Tonight, I just realized that in two weeks, I will be done with my masters program. Instead of being excited, Im actually a little sad. Ive really enjoyed this program. I also dont feel like Im ready
  8. Hi everyone. Im currently an OR nurse with pediatric surgical/trauma floor experience. Im interested in advancing my career and leaning towards a CNS program rather than an NP Program. Can I get pros
  9. Hello, I am looking to possibly relocate to Montrose in Colorado. I am wondering if anyone currently works at this Hospital or has worked there in the past, what capacity you worked there, and what yo
  10. Hi! I just applied to the QCC Nursing program for fall 2021. I was wondering if anyone else applied or gotten their interview date yet?
  11. Hi, I am looking to compile a list of hospitals/systems that follow AWHONNs Perinatal Staffing Guidelines. I recently had an interview with a manager who reported they had good staffing, but as I was
  12. Has anyone attended and/or graduated from ECPIs (Medical Career Institute) Accelerated BSN Program in Virginia Beach? Any feedback on the school/program? Were you able to find work immediately? Did yo
  13. Hi, Im currently under investigation in another state by the Nursing board. I didn’t do anything bad, but was terminated from my job and they reported it to the board. I am just wondering if I can sti
  14. Just got accepted! Would love to talk/meet anyone who has been accepted. Maybe we can make a group. Also making this for anyone waiting to hear back 🙂
  15. Hi guys, I was just wondering if anyone else was accepted into the Arizona State University Accelerated BSN at the Lake Havasu campus. I know we have to await accreditation but after that are any of y
  16. I applied to the Fall 2021 program start and created this as we wait for the notification status the week of April 30th 2021. Im anxious, who else is anxious;) LOL
  17. Hi! I have made this chat for people who have applied for Fall 2021 admission at the Santa Monica College Nursing program! Anyone know when they plan to take the PAX test?
  18. Hey has anyone graduated or currently taking class at this school?