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  1. Hi everyone! Im going to be a May 2021 new grad nurse and am looking for a nurse residency job in TX (between Austin and Houston). Ive applied to every hospital I was interested in except for Texas Ch
  2. I am a RN with my masters in Nursing. I have been a nurse for 18+ years and have been teaching for 7 at a BN college in Manitoba Canada. My family is considering moving to Fort Worth Texas; anyone kno
  3. Have any new grads who applied to Main Line Health’s Nurse Residency/Perioperative Fellowship Program between January 25th - February 4th heard back about an interview yet? They said that they’d get b
  4. Hey everyone, Ill be applying for the LPN-RN program at the Stanton, Delaware Tech. Just curious to see who is applying or who has applied and has some insight to share. I am so anxious about getting
  5. Has anyone here received an email from a Kaiser recruiter offering a video interview where you choose what time youd like to interview and you specify which Nor Cal Kaisers youd like to work at? I sch
  6. Im Celina Gomez from Canada, I have been cured from genital herpes with herbalist sakura herbal medicine. I have been infected with Genital herpes for 1 year now , I have done so many medical treatmen
  7. Hi, does anyone work in South Jersey, close to Cape May(ish) what hospital do you work at, do like your hospital, is it baby friendly, Im L&D and want to move closer to Beach area. What level NICU
  8. How is the state of oklahoma for nursing? Even city level? How are the tulsa nurses being treated? how are the Okc nurses fairing? Any glaring issues for discussion/vent? LOL
  9. Husband and I are considering moving to Oregon in order to buy a house (in the next year or so) without the California price premium. My career conflict lies with the fact that I have been a bedside n
  10. Hey all anyone looking to apply to the NCC nursing program? Did you apply yet? Below is a fb page with fellow applicants of NCC https://www.facebook.com/groups/1153449925116224/?ref=share