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  1. I am trying to feel out if anyone else has declined the Covid vaccine and feeling backlash or tension with other co-workers? I have never heard so much discussion regarding nurse receiving or declinin
  2. What is AANP doing with those programs??? I think we should unite to take an action on such diploma mills.
  3. So wanted to brainstorm through a situation that came up recently. At my facility, I am normally a nurse manager for a rehab unit. Because of the COVID pandemic and fewer patients, I have been moved t
  4. At my workplace we have two vending machines in our breakroom: one for pop, one for snacks. We do not have a cafeteria and our vending machines are only filled once a week. Thus, our pop and snacks go
  5. 1. Aspiring Alice: the nurse who is focused on climbing the ladder, either by advancement of education, or shining shoes for the powers-that-be. 2. Bitter Betty: the nurse who is regularly embittered
  6. (Image: 1920, Library of Congress, Negro Red Cross Canteen, Meridian, Mississippi) Forty-five years ago, President Gerald Ford declared February as Black History Month to recognize the many accomplish
  7. For those of you who are in a managerial or supervisory role at work, do you answer work phone calls on your days off, even when you are not on call? In my role, I work Monday through Friday anywhere
  8. The allnurses website has been around since 1997, about 23 years. Ive read some posts where members began visiting the site when they were students, which could mean that they now have nearly a quarte
  9. Seeking commiseration and chocolate, will accept honest assessments of whether Im being a total princess about this. 😄 Just got my schedule for the next few weeks, and I got scheduled to work four 12s
  10. Just curious, how long you expect your nursing career to last? When I became a nurse almost 7 years ago, I did so with the intent that I would be a nurse for rest of my working career. Lately, Ive bee
  11. TheMoonisMyLantern

    COVID Faces

    Okay, so this has the potential to sound very strange. I have noticed that at work the past couple months when a co-worker slips their mask down for a moment to take a drink, eat, readjust the mask, e
  12. Ive been thinking lately about my nursing career and where things are going for me. Right now, Im finishing up my Masters Degree and am being encouraged by others in my life to pursue a doctorate degr
  13. Hello. I noticed there wasnt a page for the Summer 2021 cycle and wanted to start one. Which location are you applying to and what are your stats ? Comment below
  14. Anyone ever have it where one patients needs have impacted the care other patients have received? Let me explain. We had a patient admit late last week who has done nothing but file grievances and com
  15. Hi guys, I just wanted a sounding board for this. I worked this weekend as a Supervisor, I’m an RN. We had a patient who needed Narcan, he had an order for it and we have a Narcan policy in the build
  16. Can we address this line of thinking -We must demolish diploma factories? The hubris and the arrogance abounds. If we can take anything away from 2020 it is this, the traditional brick and mortar scho
  17. Hi everyone! I havent found a forum for fall 2021 entry of the after degree program at UofA yet so I though Id start one! I am a current UofA student and have applied at numerous other schools!
  18. Hey guys! I have not seen a thread for FSCJ Summer 2021, are there people applying this term?